Saturday, November 3, 2012

It only took a year, but Gil gets new clothes ! Kind of.

Current Mood : Slightly dazed

Dearest Son reminded me, in his first sentence this morning, that Christmas is coming. (sigh) I wasn’t any different as a kid – the day after Halloween was the first day of Christmas season, far as I was concerned. Thanksgiving and November were just something to get the adults into a better ‘eat and enjoy’ mode as the Big Day approached – and you could always prepare your final, irrevocable Wish List while the culinary abundance slowly wound its way through your mind and digestive system.

As for me, after all of yesterday’s drama, I took it easy this morning. I knew we were going to Hobby Lobby this afternoon – Beloved promised ! – so I went over my lists and double-checked everything. Found the last reel of black knockoff Velcro ™, but it’s not the soft kind. It’s the cheap kind. At least I had some.

And, of course, my ‘ten bucks or so’ supply run totaled $27. Yikes ! If HLobby still carries the cheap ribbon, I couldn’t find it, and had to get the $2. spools instead. Not on sale. Of course, I also found two I really, really liked, but one was $3. and the other was $4., but when I went looking for a still-wrapped one, I found one marked as $3. So I splurged and bought them both. I also got Dearest Son one, for his ponies, along with a package of four doll-sized cowboy hats for them. They’re awfully cute !

I also bought Beloved’s choice of candle – it’s nice to have a scented one burning ! – that was on sale, and a camouflage quarter-yard remnant for a dollar. ‘Boyfiends Week’ is coming, and I don’t have many ‘male’ prints. Used my coupon on the Poly-Fil, and got an heirloom-made taffy bar, just to see what it tasted like. Was good, but hard to get out of the wax-paper packaging in more than a postage-stamp scrap.

So, now I’m ready for HooDude – I got all the felt, and the pipecleaners, too. All the Velcro ™ I could find on the notions wall was either more of the same cheap stuff I already had, or better-packaged ‘hook and loop tape’ for the same price as the brand name. Maybe later, at a different store.

Once home, I let Beloved nap while I supervised Dearest and the girls next door. We got a notice on the door to clean up the ‘unsightly’ doorway, and that could only mean the chair. (sigh) Once Beloved was awake, he went to Dumpster it – and came back with a wheelchair ! The Breezy 600, to be precise. It was outside the Dumpster, well-worn and missing the footrests, but otherwise functional. The kids played with it until the girls had to go in for supper, and Dearest’s been mesmerized by it. Guess we have a wheelchair now ! Although, I can tell you, once you have to use one of those things, you’ll do what you have to, to stay out of them.

After dinner, Beloved began some neglected study, Dearest was distracted by Jem episodes on Netflix (what can I say, I was watching ‘em in a fit of nostalgia), and I wanted to sew. I think I’m back in the habit. At first, I thought I’d start by looking at the MH male doll patterns included in the third NG Creations pack, but once I had the tank top printed out, and saw that a cutaway scrap of yesterday’s striped fabric was enough for half a pair of shorts, well, I was on the way. Turned out, ‘Boyfiends Week’ started today !

Poor Gil got today’s efforts. Much as I hate to admit this, he was still in his stock outfit until today. That’s right, he’s been in his original gear for nearly a year – probably a full year, depending how long he sat between manufacture and Mal-Wart last December. And even when I do make him something, finally, it’s so close to his old clothes, it’s hardly a change at all. But I think it looks good on him, so I’m happy. Tomorrow, if possible, I hope to sew up the other NG patterns for the guys – jeans and a t-shirt.

For now, though, I’m ready for bed ! Hope your Saturday was sweet ! 

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