Sunday, November 11, 2012

A very busy Sunday !

Current Mood : Happily creative !

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Whoo. Hard to believe last week went by so fast when some parts of it seemed to go on forever. And other parts were just so much fun ! The second-to-last home game at the University was yesterday, and we get a whole weekend of no traffic issues before the big, huge, statewide feud rivalry, worst game of the year finishes 2012 off. I swear, if we leave Chez Insanity for so much as a soda on the 24th, we’re darn near asking for it !

Slept ‘til we couldn’t sleep anymore, which was wonderful. I got back to work on straightening out my ‘work’ surfaces, which always get clotted and crowded when I sew a lot. Since I’m cultivating the habit of sewing at least a little every day, I gotta leave most of it out, or waste a half-hour dragging out and putting away. I know it doesn’t sound like much of a penalty for having everything in order, but when I got an urge to sew, I gotta go !

My usual practice of putting something in my way so I’ll eventually get tired of moving it and fix/ finish it worked once again this morning. Last month, when I finally went to add the tulle ruffle to Clawdeen’s Barbie gown, it occurred to me that I had no idea how to sew tulle. I cut a quick rectangle and folded it, and gathered it at the top – the raw edged side, not the folded one – like ya would with regular cottons. Worked fine, so I applied the same techniques to the hem ruffle, and I love how it looked.

But it left a gathered bit of black tulle on my sewing desk. Before I tossed it, I tried it on the wrecked body I keep around for fittings. Hmm…somehow, I not only cut it but I gathered it just right for a pettiskirt ! Lost interest, but it floated around my desk ‘til I got tired of it being around, which was today. It was a bit too short and too plain to really work as-is, so I looked around for a scrap of the black lace I used on Ghoulia’s brown dress. Instead, I found the multicolored ‘cheetah’ print trim I bought a few weeks ago. Boom ! Fifteen minutes later, I had a cute little slip-skirt, with a Velcro ™ closure, at about the right length to peek under a miniskirt. Yaaay !

Unfortunately, it didn’t really ‘go’ with most of the skirts my ghouls were wearing. Ya’ll know how I am, most wear longer skirts. But there was one…that slightly baggy blue one that looks so good on Lagoona, from the ‘Midnight Magic’ knockoffs. Even better the ‘blues’ part of the variegation was in front ! I think it looks great, almost that it appears to be part of the dress, but it isn’t.

From there, I finally used up the other MH sock – but my attempt at a sweater failed badly. While I didn’t want another knit tube dress, that’s all I could salvage out of it. So Operetta got that. Then I put closures in a dress I made months ago. That left only a new test of the latest collar for the Boyfiends and the thing I cut out for Halloween and never went back to.

So there’s Gloom Beach Jackson, in his new shirt ! I think the new collar is good, so I’m not gonna mess with it any further. I was bemoaning the lack of masculine fabric – that’s made from a men’s shirt I got off a 50c rack at a thrift years ago. He’s still wearing what I think are possibly Bratz Boy jeans, so I need to make pants tomorrow. Wonder if I have any orange fabric…or a different shade of denim…? 


  1. LOVE Lagoona's outfit! Seeing your adaptation on the Midnight Magic dress, just makes me want them even more! That print tulle looks smashing!!!

    And Jackson's shirt ROCKS!!!

  2. The tulle really looks good with that dress. I can't believe you're making doll shirts: those are really hard to make look right but you nailed it.