Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stop me before I shrug again !

Current Mood : Very sleepy !

Am I ever glad today’s nearly done. It was the last ‘home’ game of the local university’s football team, and it was the huge ole rivalry between State U. and University of State. One big yawner to me, but the fans take it very seriously, so when it’s midway of a four-day weekend, anyone with any sense or sobriety stays off the streets. I’ve heard at least two drunken brawls out in the breezeway, so it’s best if my attention is focused elsewhere.

But it gets pretty boring at home after a while, when you’ve watched all the Law & Order episodes on Netflix ( or at least as many as you can stand !), cable’s showing the same movies in rotation they’ve had on since Wednesday, and nothing in ye olde DVD bin appeals. I actually washed dishes, wiped down the cabinets, and cleaned the stove hood. Needed doing, but that’s the kinda thing that only gets done when you’re waiting for something to finish cooking, or you’re super-bored. At least, around here !

Found an MH dress I really liked on Etsy, but can’t figure out how it was made. I don’t have it in any of my patterns, but I probably have it several times over in the Barbie ones. So I’ll probably dig through those and see what I can cobble together. I also saw a gorgeous holiday-themed asymmetrical dress from Tabitha (MeLoveGangrels on Flickr) and that got me thinking about my Christmas fabric. I have some nice prints, but it’s rare that I want to use any – you know me, anything that’s hyped frequently, I tend to shun whenever I can, and for many years, Christmas has been an in-my-face holiday.

But it hasn’t been too bad this year, so I found m’self gazing at the poinsettia, snowflakes, tree, and three other snowflakes prints, wondering. I settled on a remnant, white-on-white holly. That’d be versatile, and I could try the ruffled shrug again, this time lengthen the sleeves, and see if I still have the same issues as the last trials. It came out better than yesterday’s, and I think I know where part of the problem was – I didn’t sew the ends in front correctly, but it’s still off the shoulder unless I tug it. I also trimmed the seam allowance under the arms, and ironed darn near everything as I went, which helped the fit a bit, too.

I think I may actually be tired of shrugs, although I still wanna try one with a ruffled lace collar…


  1. LOL...I just bought some of that same fabric yesterday!!! =D

    And why on Earth would be stop you from making the shrugs? You are totally rockin' at them! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! HUGS

  2. I always hope State U wins the big game, just because the U of State bawling butthurt is so epic.