Monday, November 12, 2012

Unfortunately, Jackson thought I was kidding when I said I needed orange fabric today...

Current Mood : Sleepy...but I really want some orange juice. 

My mind was all about entertaining me last night – I had dreams of new Jem episodes, featuring the new Integrity dolls and animation, mixed together. Guess I’ve been watching too much of the old series on Netflix. It was pretty neat, though. Wish I could remember more of it.

Went digging in the fabric bins – two under the desk, one in the bedroom – and the four  milk crates for orange and any other ‘masculine’ fabric. Found a bunch, so I can finish off ‘Boyfiends Week’, in my own questionable style ! Which is good, I don’t foresee any trips to fabric or craft stores any time soon. I still have to try that hoodie idea that Alrunia gave me, and I wanna try sweatpants, too. I figure I can modify the elastic-waist shorts pattern from NG Creations for those, and maybe use flannel instead of too thick, too dense fleece, but like the collars, the hoodie I gotta plot out m’self.

For today, though, I kept it simple and just made orange pants, to go with yesterday’s shirt. Kept the hems, since the fabric was a shirt remnant of Dearest Son’s. It was completely wrecked save for one panel, but so far, it’s made a tube dress and a pair of pants, with maybe enough left for a skirt or a pair of shorts. Should get on that soon, so I don’t have to store a scrap.

The pants came out well, especially considering I used stretchy knit fabric with a woven cotton pattern – and I’m proud I remembered to change the machine needle. I gotta remember to use more colors with the guys. It’s so easy to stick to blacks, dark blues, greys, and white, especially when you have a lot of those in the stash. Jackson and Gil are welcome splashes amid all those white shirts and black pants !


  1. Girl!!! Jackson looks fabulous in his new outfit! I would never have thought to make orange pants, but that muted pumpkin shade rocks!!!

  2. Dorrie Belle; I have enjoyed you blog from way back before you had to change it, I still use the shoe comparitan some times.
    Anyway I have some combat boots that you might like. One pair looks like a regular style boot where the other looks like an motor cross boot. E-mail me at If these boots sound like they are something that would work for you.