Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hoodie Invasion ! Everybody stay warm !

Current Mood : Hoodie burnout.

All my trades are in – they got what I sent, I got what they sent. Yaay ! Everybody’s happy. I got a new pair of those green athletic shoes from the Deuce Gorgon ‘Casketball’ fashion set. There’s so few male MH shoes, I’ll snag up any I can !  I also scored the striped, spotted, and color-blocked ones from Operetta’s sole fashion, and Frankie Stein’s Dead Tired slippers. They’re so cute, with the bolts ! Now I gotta make her some nightwear, to go with ‘em.

Decided that I’d start remaking the Operetta shoes before I got down to a good steady sew, and began removing the gallons of paint. I figured I could wreck these, since I already had a pair, and wasn’t too fond of ‘em – but in a new color, maybe I could be. I’m thinking brown. Or maybe that silver-blue I used on Chris’ “Puma Dude” body. Too bad Mattel or some subsidiary not only used a metric ton of paint on ‘em, they utilized the kind of bonding that should be used on houses, instead of doll shoes. Wore my arm out, and got only one shoe partially done. I’m gonna hafta wait a few days before I take on the other shoe. Arm’s still ouchie.

After lunch – I froze the remaining chili, we’ve eaten as much as we can for now – it was so quiet, I decided it was sewing time. Was about mid-way through cutting out the t-shirt base I intended to sew today when I realized – not many guys (monster or otherwise) wear short-sleeved hoodies. I’d intended to lengthen the sleeves on that anyway, so why not now ? I could find some good cuff material later, for now, hemming would be fine.

So I sewed the lengthened hood to the lengthened sleeve shirt…and the hood was too big and the sleeves were too short. See ? Arrrgh. Deuce looks like a monk from a society that uses bad dry cleaners. Made the necessary alterations, and relaxed a bit. Tomorrow, I hope to sew up a couple pair of pants, so I probably won’t get back to the hoodie ‘til Friday. It’ll be good to get a break for a day.

However, as-is, the original one fits the ghouls fairly well ! Green’s wearing what Deuce wore yesterday, and I think it looks pretty good on her. She has her clothes on underneath, so it actually does wear and fit like a jacket. I’d only need to narrow and lengthen the sleeves for it to fit the ghouls just fine.  May make a hole for her hair or wings later. For now, all that hair’s tucked in there with her. It’s only now that I realize the genius of Crissy’s cloak that came with a hole for her abundant hair. First time I saw it, I thought it was ridiculous 70s styling. It was a very large, loud  plaid, with hot pink fur trim, after all…

It’s great that it works out so well, as there really isn’t the same super-simple short-sleeved shirt in her other pattern sets, for the ghouls. There is one fairly similar in the first set, but it calls for a lining. Could probably sew it without, same as the guy shirts, but it’s always good to have more anyway, even if you don’t use ‘em right away.

For now, though, I'm ready for some sleep ! My eyes are a bit tired. Sleep tight and cozy, ya'll !

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