Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Can always say MH is considering uniforms...

Current Mood : Four shirts to the...hallway. 

Election Hangover was energized at Chez Insanity ! Never did get to the pants last night – and we were up late, listening to speeches and perusing the Internet At Large’s opinions on things. Many hilarious images, wittily captioned, from all sides of the US political spectrum – and some from overseas. I think I slept out of sheer exhaustion. And with a belly full from two pieces of yummy cornbread !

But once we were up, I figured I’d best get to sewing, since it’d probably be one of those where I got interrupted every ten minutes. M & FIL were still feeling a bit tired, so Dearest Son’s visit got pushed to tomorrow, after therapy. Thing was, I didn’t get interrupted hardly at all. I pretty much had all day to sew, so I did. Dearest was happily taking photos of his new ponies, and Beloved Hubby had class, so why not ?

The guys are arranged in order of when their shirts were made, with my Slo Moe stand-in on the far left, in yesterday’s trial. In some ways, it looks the best, but I can tell you, it is the worst. Seams are barely holding on, there’s threads and pencil / chalk marks everywhere, and the collar’s twisted, frayed, and messy. It was too narrow and too long, I had to tear the shirt up to get it sewn in there. OK, but I figured I could do better.

So I started off today with the already cut pieces, and…well, have a look at Ricardo, my CAM vampire’s shirt.  It’s useable, but I think the 70s wants its collar back. Must’ve added the seam allowance in twice. Doesn’t match well, either, which is a problem I’ve had since sewing for Ken and Fiyero. Let’s redraft and move on…

Version 3 isn’t a vast improvement over 2, but I can now sew one of these shirts, collar and all, in about 45 minutes, an hour with a break midway. I changed the order of sewing, so the Velcro ™ closure is sewn right after the collar is, before the side seams. Much better in the final, and with that already done, it’s not gonna be another ‘waiting patiently to be finished’ shirt. Chris seems to like it well enough.

And finishing today’s lineup is Joel, who looks pretty good. There’s maybe 1/8 of an inch difference between his collar and Signature Jackson Jekyll’s yellow shirt, so I’ll probably trim the pattern once more and try it one last time. Tomorrow. I also had to cut and hem a hole in the back for his wings, which barely show in the photo. Gotta remember to start doing that more often, or Joel’s gonna have a very limited wardrobe !

While I love having the time to prototype a new effort, there’s only one problem with it. When I finally do get it right (or at least ‘right enough’ !), I’m so sick of sewing the same thing over and over, I don’t sew it again for weeks, if not months ! So don’t be too surprised if you see the same guys tomorrow, some with new pants. I still wanna try pockets…

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