Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Friday !

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Ahhh, Friday. I ended up taking today’s photo three times, and even though the photos weren’t bad, they were pretty ‘meh’. I knew they weren’t really ‘right’ until that last one came together. It was worth all the false starts, in my opinion !

Knew I was gonna make the paisley UltraSuede skirt today, but I also wanted to stitch up a simple blouse, too. So I pulled up a sheet of easy-lookin’ shirts and picked out one. And I probably should have known it was one where the author doesn’t like to be bothered with hems or lining, or other techniques of that nature. I guess their dolls have lots of clothes made of leather, suede, and fleece, the kinds of materials that don’t fray.

Of course, I like a professional look, so I cut the ‘camisole’ pattern out from the paper printout and wrapped it around my fitting doll. As is sadly common, the design went around the doll’s hips, but it doesn’t even meet at the back center. So I folded it up so it hit a bit above the waist, and cut out two from the scavenged sheet. Sewed ‘em together at the top and bottom, leaving the sides open so I could turn it right side out, and added some ribbon straps at the top front. For practice, I top-stitched it, and it looks pretty good ! It still didn’t quite meet in the back, but I tacked the ribbons down back there anyway and fudged it. Ya can’t see the back, so there. Then I altered the pattern again. Even if it didn’t quite work because I didn’t sew it the way the author intended (it’s not like there were directions, anyway !), I liked how it came out, and want to sew it up again. A little more creatively, instead of just black ribbon on black fabric.

If you’d like to play with your own version, it’s here. Found it as an image during a search for MH patterns, so I have no idea who authored it. If you did, let me know, I'd love to give you credit ! I’m thinking of trying that one-shoulder version someday soon, but I think I’ll have to alter it first, if I wanna sew it my way.

The skirt went together as expected, and it’s made from the NG Creations second set, the Short Straight Skirt pattern. Together, they looked good on my fitting doll, a wrecked body DracuLaura (no lower arms, one lower leg, no head), so I put them on my former fitting doll, an intact Gloom Beach DLaura. I’ve had her since December 21, 2010 !

I confess, I’ve been trying a bit of meditation every night. Instead of reading m’self to sleep – and dropping my book several times before I give up and crash – now, after I’ve dropped it once, I mark my place, and begin to think of all the good things of the day. No matter how crappy it was, I usually ate at least one tasty meal, laughed at something silly, sewed something I like, talked with my guys, on and on. If I can’t concentrate on the wealth of the day, I think of ongoing things I’m happy about. Guess it’s no surprise I’m sleeping better these days ! That or it’s just autumn….

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  1. Your 'fudged' top looks great! I can't tell you how many times I've had to alter a pattern to make it work! But you did a fantastic job AND the shot you got of Lala is fabulous!