Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why I don't toss patterns, even when I don't sew 'em anymore.

Current Mood : Stuffed fulla Chicken & Dumplings !

Kinda took a day off sewing yesterday, and spent a good couple hours awash in fabric reorganization last night. It’s almost as much fun as shopping for it ! Turned out, I had lots of solid colors and prints, and even ‘tweedy’ pieces that’ll make great suits, for lots more male doll clothes, and they’re all stashed in the nightstand cube, easy to get to and root around in. That freed up space in the other two boxes, and refreshed my memory of all the wonderful pieces I have. One thing I know, unless it’s for a very special project, I don’t need any white fabric – and won’t for years ! My stash of black, however, is very thin. Yard or two of inexpensive black broadcloth, and I’ll be fine for quite a while.

There’s always a couple more things I wanna make, but I’m not sure how. I’m already planning on expanding the t-shirt facings so I can make better shirt necklines, but I kinda want to sew a few dresses first, before I forget how to make those ! (grin) Want to figure out how to make a tuxedo jacket, or sports coat – and a letterman jacket ! I’ll probably have to adapt a Barbie pattern, since I’ve seen how Ken’s pink plaid dinner jacket fits MH guys…not bad, just visibly too big. I want better.

So I pulled up the first Ken pattern, Advance E, and shrank the blazer pattern, View 1, down ten percent (what you want divided by what you have = percent to increase or reduce your pattern), and saved it. Those first Kens are thinner and taller than any guys from 1969 on, so I think it has the best chance of being on target, since shrinking it doesn’t tailor it, just gives you a good starting point. I just wasn’t in a mood to sew it, though.

Instead, I did some minor repairs, stripped the other MH Operetta shoe, changed my MH mousepad a bit and sewed it a new seam, then sewed an elastic sling for one of my broken Barbies. Thinking of digging out some denim and making a slipcover for my chair, since one of the patches is coming off. Don’t wanna lose the best chair I ever had !

Considering listing my Frankie Stein and DracuLaura beds on Craigslist, since they’ve been stored since we moved here in June, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. While they were both gifts, Beloved Hubby understands, and we kinda need some cash. I’d at least make back what we paid for ‘em, and about the only item I have that’s worth any real money is Gil – and I’d just spend more buying him back if I sold him ! That’s the main problem with wanting what you’ve got – ya don’t wanna sell most of it.


  1. You know I think I have that pattern...or I bid on it and lost it...but I do have a couple vintage barbie and ken patterns. Be prepared for a good bit of altering...even on the older ones! I cannot wait to see what you do with it!

    I'm tempted to ask about the Frankie and Lala beds...but with Christmas coming up soon, I'm in a $ crunch too. damn :-(

  2. I have some patterns I bought over the years but I don't sew and never opened them LOL. I think I will find them and sell them since I don't see me learning to sew well enough to figure them out.

    I do love reading about & seeing your creations :O)