Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Clawdeen's pretty in paisley !

Current Mood : All purple !

Another quiet day. Had to fill out a form for the Veteran’s Administration, and fact-finding for it – and re-filing all those papers so they’re not misplaced next time we need ‘em - took up most of my day. Beloved Hubby had to do the last one, when I was in the hospital. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in a year.

Unfortunately, we had to suspend Netflix for a bit, so we watched regular ole TV/cable. Ugh. I hate Christmas shopping ads. ‘Monday, I found my favorite pre-teen sized pair of jeans. The next day, I bought this designer purse. Who knows what favorite I’ll buy next ?!!’ just seems so out-of-place when so many people – us, and most of our friends - are struggling. The mail, burgeoning with catalogs from places that really shouldn’t waste their postage on this zip code, is nearly as bad. Sure, I’m positive *everyone* will want a $1899.99 coffee/cappuccino maker – but for those on a budget, the $300. ‘Margaritaville’ drink mixer will have to do. (sigh)

And after seeing approximately six thousand ‘Soda Stream’ ads, I did the math. Using local prices and estimated usage, I soon realized that it’s not a big money-saver. Counting just the syrup and carbonators needed, a two-liter bottle of soda would cost $1.66 to make with a Soda Stream. That doesn’t include shipping, the specialty bottles, water, or cost of the device itself, which is anywhere from $80. (small) to $130. (larger). Hmm...with the machine added in, and a couple extra bottles, it'd come to about $1.75 for a 2L. Not sure if it’s the same where you are, but generics (Dr Whipper) are usually less than a buck for a 2L around here, and fairly often name-brands (Dr Pepper) go on sale for that, too. Otherwise, most name-brands are less than $1.50 nearly every day. Ya gotta really like ‘green’ to be willing to pay more – or don’t have soda bottle recycling in your ‘hood. So now those ads really annoy me.

Thing is, I’m happy. Sure, funds are tight, but we’ve plenty of food, we actually *have* cable and DSL in a nice, warm (if small) apartment, and I have time to sew nearly every day. I even *like* what I’ve been making, which is new and amazing for me. I confess, I miss being all thrilled with buying one of the new MH dolls coming out, but really, I’d be buying the thrill, not the doll. There’s not one of ‘em I truly want. Football season is over, I’m enjoying three Library books, and we have a kitty ! So these ‘more, more, more !!!’ ads are kind of bugging me. Especially when it’s in the ‘spirit’ of Christmas.

I’ve gotten to where I don’t really care about Christmas anymore. It’s become so much about buying and shopping and less about enjoying and sharing that I can’t work up my old enthusiasm anymore. If it weren’t for Dearest Son, we probably wouldn’t even put up that tiny fiber-optic tree, since Beloved’s more sour about it than I am. Thank Everything Dearest still enjoys it all ! Wonder if I can talk him into cut-paper snowflakes tomorrow…?

Speaking of Dearest, I cleared out my former sewing box – now that I have a larger vintage one, the former’s been sitting around untouched  – and re-stocked it with what he’ll need for upcoming sewing lessons. He was happy, mostly because he now has a home for his pincushion tomato. Plus, he’s always liked that box. I did, too, it has glitter stars in it, but I just can’t justify keeping it uselessly when I know of a better use for it !

That made me drag out my current sewing box – the brown one I got at the flea market – and load it and rework it a bit. It mostly stores my used patterns, and I had a pile of altered ones to go inside, but they needed to be scanned first. So I got that done today, too. Now the desk’s a bit neater, and I’m wondering…what to sew next ?

Decided to try the Shannanigan sheath dress in UltraSuede – and who better to model than Gloom Beach Clawdeen ? It really came out nice, but took a little effort. UltraSuede doesn’t exactly glide under the presser foot, unless it’s lined. And this isn’t, but I may amend that later. Wouldn’t be hard to add a lining, or stitch up a simple tube slip.

Tomorrow, GB Cleo gets a skirt to go with her jacket. I’ve already picked out the pattern ! 

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  1. That dress looks great on Clawdeen.
    I haven't been in the Christmas shopping mood in years. Everything feels like such a rip-off. Things just aren't made as well as they used to e yet everything costs more and more money. I think sites like eBay where I can often find exactly what I like for the price I want to pay have also made settling for whatever's in stores unappealing. Plus with people now asking you to include the receipt in their gift so they can return it, I don't feel like putting in an effort beyond buying gift cards.