Monday, November 26, 2012

Ev’ry day, I’m scroungin’, scroungin’…

Current Mood : Yawning.

Had a pretty good haul of ‘findings’ (found goodies) today – 16c, a foot and a half of silky white ribbon, and a set of black bedsheets, probably trashed due to the bleach swath on the flat sheet. I washed ‘em, and they’re perfect to sew with ! Thin, but not threadbare, crisp and dark – and free ! I already cut off the bleached streak, but I’m thinking of using that part, too. Can always use rags or scrap fabric…or for unique creations !

Kitty’s still here – we got her some cat food and a makeshift litter box, and she’s evidenced some interest in open doors, but no inclination to go outside. So, please don’t tell anyone, but we have a kitty ! She doesn’t have a name yet – I liked ‘Ginger Snap’, but it just doesn’t work, ya know ? I’m sure we’ll figure something out, sooner or later.

Otherwise, it was Monday as usual – laundry, dishes, and general housecleaning. Beloved Hubby got called into work early, so dinner was waaay early. That gave me plenty of time to sew…but what to sew ? I was ambivalent about making another shrug – kinda wanted to try something new, kinda tired of making three of ‘em already. Must’ve had jackets on my mind, ‘cause a quick tour of NG Creations Set #1 showed a nice one I’d never tried. I kinda wanted to make something for Spectra, because her new hand/arms came in today.

Remembered I had some purple/grey/black/navy paisley print UltraSuede that’d look good with her Shannanigan sheath dress, and went digging for it. I like how it came out, but I want to stitch it again – with black lining fabric and a slight sleeve adjustment. While these fit really well, I like ‘em a bit longer. I also wanna try to match up the sides a bit better. One side is sharper at the top than the other. And I love how that fabric looks ! I also wanna try a lined skirt with it. (grin) You may be seeing more UltraSuede, now that I’ve made something successful with it. I got a big bag of scraps years ago, at a flea market, in a Crayola boxload of colors. 

For now, though, I’m ready for bed ! Hope your Monday was fun !


  1. That's a very elegant outfit and it suits her perfectly.

  2. OOOH I love Ultrasuede too! I have it in a couple of colors but am always looking for more. This cropped jacket is gorgeous! Well done hun!