Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nice comfy sweats !

Current Mood : Exhausted.

It was one of those days from the start. Was up late with Hubby, got only a couple hours sleep, and overslept. Ran clothes to the laundry room, grabbed a super-fast shower, got dressed, put Dearest Son’s breakfast in the oven, took out the trash, reclaimed the clean clothes, hung them out, served Dearest breakfast, woke Hubby and got him fed, fried a quick egg for m’self, grabbed my prescripts for the morning and afternoon, fed the fish, fed the stray cat, helped Dearest gather his things for a few hours at his grandparents, ate without tasting anything, took the morning pills, and we were out the door on time. Therapy day. At least we have the next two weeks off.

To save on diesel, I hung out at the Library during class, and fought nodding off. Got several new books on Hubby’s card, so I’ve got lots to read ! Snagged some rye bread from the thrift bakery and picked up Dearest, and finally, at 4pm, we were home. Even Dearest was wiped out, and didn’t even want to go out when the girls knocked. Whew !

I swear, I stared into space for an hour – Hubby’s working tonight, so at my urging, he got some sleep. If I wanted some sewing time, I had to get it together. Although, for a few minutes, I thought that all I was gonna get done was repairing a slightly split potholder. Some stitches at the binding popped in the wash. Couldn’t pin it on both sides (too thick), so I hand-tacked it down, then sewed over it. At least I fixed something !

But that just made my need for stitchin’ stand up harder. So, I figured, why not try the sweatpants I’d been meaning to make ? I had some heather grey t-shirt scrap fabric ready to go, so I grabbed a guy and got to work.

Figured I’d simply lengthen the NG Creations shorts pattern, and gather the pant legs into cuffs at the bottom. I didn’t have any matching webbing, but figured I could just use the same fabric for the cuffs, since only about a quarter-inch of them would show. Played with paper to get the right diameter for the feet to fit through, and got to work.

Worked out OK, but with fabric even the slightest bit thicker than yer average quilting-type cotton, it’ll make the guy dolls’ pants really paper-bag at the waist. Can camouflage it for now since most shirts don’t tuck in, but I think I’ll narrow the pattern a bit there, for less gather and bundle. Length looks fine, but I think an extra quarter-inch would look better, so I added that, too. We’ll see how the next one goes.

Only problem was, it knocked me out ! After sewing and dinner, I literally passed out on the sofa for two hours. Not sure why I’m awake now, but it won’t be for long ! 

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  1. You sew really well. Those dolls are quite a challenge.