Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Plus, skirts use up scraps faster than pants !

Current Mood : Sleepy

Made my last purchase for a while, at least until mid-December, but I can’t wait to get them. Not sure why they were being sold, but a member of a message board I like offered original Spectra hands and arms, cheep ! I had a couple bucks from a survey, and it was just enough. I have Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra, and while I love her, the molded silver bracelets on her hands limit her a bit. The ‘new’ hands are as blank as most Signature (aka ‘basic’ dolls, the first-issue ones with diaries) figures, and I’m sure I’ll make much use of ‘em.

It’s rare to find just hands or arms for sale. Heck, back in my ‘big spending’ days, I bought a couple dolls just for the different hands, and ended up keeping the whole doll. That’s kinda how I ended up with so many ! No one would want a handless doll, it’s kinda creepy to store just hands in a box, and heck, I liked the dolls ! It was cool to be able to swap ‘em around. (grin) Even when I thinned the herds a bit, I ran a quick hand-check before any of the ghouls left home. I still hope Mattel will come out with “High Five” fashions – that come with matching or posed hands. There was a rumor the older fashions would be reissued with hands included, but I haven’t heard anything since. I admit, I was ticked at the idea of rebuying clothes, but since I never even saw half the fashions, it faded fast. Besides, there’s always someone on eBay willing to buy something for ten bucks and sell it as two lots for $7. each. Plus shipping.

Anyway, it was a gorgeous day today. Warm and sunny, with just enough of a breeze to stir the gloriously colored leaves around. The pool was half covered with them, and I just wanted to dive into the golds and reds ! It was kinda hard to settle down and sew, but with Beloved Hubby at school and Dearest Son playing outside, I decided to go for it. A quick dig in the scrap box got me enough for Ghoulia’s dress – it uses the same free-with-purchase NG Creations pattern I used for Abbey’s dress yesterday. Still haven’t cut the skirt out like the pattern calls for, but I think Ghoulia’s looks great anyway. Even the belt is a scrap of Target Dollar Spot ribbon. I tried to lengthen the blouse just a bit, but forgot to add a bit to the back, so it’s a bit off balance. Comically, the sleeves match this time ! Again, a lot I can do with this one, and I’m looking forward to going for it !

Later, though. Thinking of finishing up that leftover Halloween project, just to get it out of the way, tomorrow. Thinking more that it’s bedtime ! Hope your Tuesday was a good day ! 


  1. I love this shorter version more than the longer version. Lovely dress and Abbey wears it well