Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kitty For A Day, or, Please Don’t Notice Our Filthy, Lego-strewn Carpet

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A calm, peaceful Sunday – holiday’s over, shopping rush has (hopefully) calmed down, even the big Rivalry game is over, except that all our parking lots are trashed. The breezeway fights died down about 2am, except for one drunken idiot who was still yelling for Other Team to return to their homes at 4pm. Yeah, they all did that last night, genius. Game was over at 6pm yesterday, and unlike other games, no one seemed to linger. I am so glad football season is over for us, it’s like getting a gift !

Still, with Drunk Fan loudly pontificating, we didn’t go outside much, but we had the door open, so Dearest Son could play in the sun and we could get some fresh air – it really was a lovely day. I thought Howard, the section’s semi-stray cat, was back for an overdue visit when Dearest yelled, ‘There’s a kitty outside !’. But instead, an orange and white kitty strolled in like she was returning from a call of nature, and proceeded to liven up the joint !

She is such a sweetie. She was already purring when I picked her up, and after a cursory check – no fleas or ticks in evidence – she head-butted me and burrowed into my arms. Awwwww ! She jumped down and obligingly chased a scrap of fabric Dearest dug up, and I let them play, then introduced Ms. Kitty to Beloved Hubby. He agreed – probably a girl, kinda young, not full grown yet, and evidently in heat. She purred and yowled at any morsel of attention, and rolled like a river under anyone’s petting. Served her some leftover meatloaf and water, and she daintily had just a bite before returning to Scrap Hunt with Dearest.

After a half-hour of vigorous leaps and chases and pounces, she plunked down on the sofa for a nap, happy for anyone’s attention, but fine with being by herself for a while.

That left Beloved and I with a problem. We didn’t want to turn out such a sweet kitty, who’d evidently had some trouble already. That spot on one side of her nose was a healing scab, probably from a fight. We’re not supposed to have pets, but it’s not like the office checks. A cute couple upstairs has a Lab mix they take on walks all the time – I wouldn’t dream of dropping a dime on ‘em. Long as we keep the rent paid, and don’t need repairs, we and the office prefer to pretend that the other doesn’t exist, honestly. 

We copped out and let her decide. The door was opened – and she yawned and went back to sleep. We may have a cat now. Fashioned a makeshift litter box and got some cat food, which she ate gratefully, and rested some more. She played and purred…and I didn’t react, even when she head-butted my face. I normally break out when cats do that. She’ll have to find a new home if I have asthma attacks, but for now…it’s nice to have a purring, pretty kitty on your lap late at night ! 

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