Monday, November 5, 2012

Where'd Jackson go ?

Current Mood : A bit overstimulated, really. 

May have to expand ‘Boyfiends Week’ to ten days, ‘cause I got ten MH guys. At the bare minimum, it’ll be at least four more days, as I had signature Jackson and four Create A Monster fellas still to dress in something they didn’t come packaged with, when today began.

Scratch Jackson off the list ! The camouflage fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby Saturday was dry and ready to go, so I started things off early with another pair of pants, using the same NG Creations pattern as yesterday. Went for speed, and was done in about 35 minutes, start to finish. No decorative stitching, nothing fancy, not even a faux fly, just sewed straight, and they look pretty good. May alter them anyway, so I have a pair that fits *over* their shoes ! I’m not much on bell-bottoms, but I do like it when I don’t have to tuck the pants into the footwear because there’s no other way for the dolls to wear ‘em. Maybe a quarter inch on each leg would be enough. I’m kind of surprised at how well the camouflage appears to be in scale – I didn’t cut it specifically or anything. The print is standard ‘human size’, not small or anything.  Wish I had some good black combat boots !

And decided to go with a black tee for him to wear with, to test out the sleeve alteration. I like how these look, so aside from making them a bit shorter, and later longer, I’m satisfied. It’s great having a set of ‘go to’ patterns – and knowing I might just have most of a full outfit complete for my guys in a little over an hour ! Or I can go all out on embroidery or other flashy elements on one, and take all the time I want. Sweeet !

Still getting used to the end of Daylight Savings Time. I keep thinking it’s later than it is. We tried to vote early today, but the line was over two hours long. Guess we’re up early tomorrow. Man, I remember the last election, when I just strolled in at noon, thinking my timing was poor, as the lunchtime voters were sure to have the place stampeded. Well, there’s one thing this and the last elections have in common – neither were what I expected !

Once home, we soon had five kids in our house, coloring and drawing, and playing the Wall-e Wii game. Dearest’s friends, of course. Too cold to play long outside, we had them all in the living room, with the windows wide and the door open. I got to meet ‘M’, a new girl about the same age as Dearest, who’s more or less on her own in the afternoons. Some of her statements broke my heart – because I’d said similar things 35 years ago. Dearest is conflicted, because he kind of likes ‘M’, but wants to remain loyal to ‘H’ and ‘R’ next door. Even though all three girls get along fine and are friends together already. The girls’ cousin was also visiting, and it was nice for him to have a new guy to pal around with for a while. So that was interesting. Luckily, it was before dinner, so nobody stayed overlong. But it was very busy and loud at Chez Insanity for a while !

Well, if I’m up early, I gotta turn in early. Hope you get to vote tomorrow, if you’re in the States ! 

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