Saturday, November 10, 2012

I finally made jeans with the NG Creations 'Jeans' pattern !

Current Mood : Better. 

Today started off interesting – my rarely-used LiveJournal account had been suspended. No idea why, I mostly only used it to read and rarely respond to an MH group I liked. And while I checked it every day, the new posts are few, and I don’t think I’ve responded to anything but a single sale in months. As for journaling, I do that here. Not there. I got no e-mails from LJ, no reasons, just a perpetual blank ‘your journal has been suspended’ screen with a goat dressed as a pirate, which won’t even allow me to read the MH page. I can get in via a back door through the don’t-read-it-anymore Girl Genius  community page, but it’s hardly worth the hassle.

I sent out a ‘why ?’ message in the manner prescribed by their FAQ, but I wasn’t counting on hearing about it for days – that’s what it said. But they reinstated it about twelve hours later, saying I’d been yanked in error. Wheee. Ah, well, I was thinking of thinning my subscribed sites anyway. If I ever figure out Tumblr, I’m migrating !

Hubby had the grand idea to invite all the neighbors over for chili. So we bought a buncha stuff we’d need, got up early, and ran around like chickens cleaning house and cooking, and everything. And…yup. A grand total of nobody showed up. At least we won’t have to make anything else for lunch (or dinner) this weekend. My home-made cornbread came out great again, too ! And I found a missing doll shoe, but I’ve lost a strip of soft Velcro ™. Ah, well. When things got quiet, I reorganized my ribbon racks – most of my ribbon is in the closet, but I can hang the spools on the racks on the craft cart – then sorted out the elastic cubby slot. Been meaning to do that for weeks ! 

Watched Hollywood Air Force on Netflix as I sewed, which was silly fun on both fronts ! Some adult jokes, some up-top nudity, but otherwise fairly clean. Humor on the Police Academy scale – it even features one of the same actors. Found a scrap of denim, cut from a worn-out pair of Dearest’s jeans, and finally made jeans with that NG Creations jeans pattern. Shortened the hem about 1/8”, which I think helps ‘em hang a bit better. The pattern as-is accommodates Chris’ tail well, which is great. I think Mattel made a good decision to place tail options at the lower back, instead of the back end.

And as ‘Boyfiends Week’ closes on its seventh day, I’ve made seven complete outfits for my dudes. That was the goal, but I already have the next outfit in mind, so ‘BW’ will most likely continue for at least for three more days – enough to re-dress Gloom Beach Jackson, Deuce, and Holt. Not sure if I’m gonna start on the HooDude Project next, or take a break for a couple days. If what I have planned for tomorrow works, I already know I’ll want to make something else to go with it…

The fun never ends at Chez Insanity ! Want a big bowl of chili ? 


  1. Those jeans look fabulous!!! I can't wait to use my pattern to make a few more pair. Hopefully her pattern will go together easier than my self-drafted one...Pattern drafter I am not! lol

    1. LOL ! Seriously, I much prefer adapting patterns I already know work than making my own from scratch. I get to have all the fun with the hard work already done !

      Lemme know if you want some collars to go with your NG shirts - but I think you already have a good collared-shirt pattern. Still gotta work on that hoodie idea Alrunia gave me... and those ribbon dresses, and that other thing, and the....