Sunday, November 4, 2012

I completely forgot the 'fall back' time change - glad my cell phone and computer remembered !

Current Mood : Muse-poked.

Had a kind of ‘brony’ day – we watched a few more episodes, and I have selected my favorite pony (besides Twilight Sparkle. And Rarity. And Fluttershy. And Pinkie Pie ! She’s everyone’s favorite !). Princess Luna ! I just love her !

Of course, the first thing I did was research what toys were available. Hmft. If it was taller than two inches, it was too much ! Then I remembered the small stuffed Twilight at Target – did Hasbro make a Luna ? Or even a Nightmare Moon ? Nope, but I did find that a set of three figures, including Photo Finish, was $8. on – and Photo Finish by herself was $20. on eBay. Plus shipping. (sigh)

But, hey. I make stuff for funzies. A little more online legwork showed me a fantastic pattern to make my own stuffed ponies, any kind I wanted. Fifteen bucks on Well, not gonna happen anytime soon. Kinda overspent my budget on the NG Creations ones, not that I regret a dollar of that ! So I kept going…and soon found a free pattern on that I could customize  - and I even found images I can use to digitize into embroidery designs for the eyes and cutie marks ! I’ll probably try it with regular fabric, just for kicks, then go for what I want. I can have my own Photo Finish, too !

But first. I have HooDude to make, a chair cushion to sew, and Dearest Son wants to learn to sew, too – plus, it’s ‘Boyfiends Week’. My craft calendar was packed long before ponies ! I’m sure I’ll find a way, though…

Meanwhile, I can report the jeans and t-shirt patterns from NG Creations’ third set is a runway (or runaway !) success ! Very simple to sew, but well-fitted, versatile, and they look great on the guys. The only glitch was minor – the tee sleeves didn’t quite match when ya fold it over to sew the side seams, so I clipped ‘em to. Still fits well, but I thought the sleeves looked bell-like large on the finished shirt, so I took ‘em in a bit more. We’ll see if I did it right when I sew it up again. Oh, yes – I will sew these again ! The shirt can be worn with the closures either front or back, and I’m sure I could work up a collar or two if I wanted. Can lengthen the sleeves, too. I love a pattern I can play with !

I even had a little fun with the jeans. Nearly all of the visible stitches were sewn in white, for contrast. I even did the faux fly in white, for practice. I’ve never really gotten a faux fly right, even with Barbie and Ken, so when this one worked well on the first try, I was really happy. It’s a bit too wide, and ironically, the fly doesn’t show with either shirt, but I’m sure I’ll improve with experience and confidence. Now I know I can embroider and decorate the guys’ outfits, too, it’s a lot more exciting to sew for them !

Oh, and more upcoming MH doll photos have been released. If you’d like to see images of the new ‘Swim’ or ‘Swim Class’ line, click here. Photos of the ‘Fearbook’ dolls are over here. They’re all pretty, I love all their swimwear, and DLaura’s Fearbook dress is flat-out adorable…but it’s only their clothes (and some shoes !) I’d want. Guess I really am only interested in new character dolls now.

Hmmm….now, what am I gonna sew for Jackson tomorrow…? 


  1. I notice Rainbow Dash isn't on your favourite pony list. She isn't on mine either, but it does seem like almost everyone who's seen the show just looooves RD. Anyway. It'd be amazing to see a handmade stuffed Luna. I'm sure you can do her justice! :)
    (maybe Jackson would like a hoodie? I kind of love hoodies because you can get away with using knits that are too heavy for other clothes.)

  2. Oooh, hoodies...I hadn't even thought of that ! (grabs some fabric and a chalk pencil) Gotta go plot this - thanks for the idea !

    (squeezy hugs for having confidence in me !)RD's cool (roughly 20% cooler !), but what can I say, the more rough-and-tumble ponies seem a bit too rambunctious for me ! I'm thinking of making the first one out of muslin - so I'll have a mannequin for clothes, like Rarity ! lol !