Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Snakes in a Hoodie !

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Saw a bunch of Black Friday ads – lots of MH  going on sale early on the 23rd, or late on the 22nd.  Most of the dolls being offered  I already own… thank Everything. I’d rather pay full price and stay my big bottom at home than be out in that mess. I almost always practice ‘Buy Nothing Day’, and while I won’t have any money to spend anyway, I like to think I make a difference in not being out in a consumer storm, adding to the traffic and stress.

I’ve kinda gotten to the same ‘eeh ?’ attitude about MH. I didn’t think I was. But I’m seeing so much fervor about the Scaris line lately – when’s this doll, that doll, that prop coming out ? Halloween ? Tomorrow ? January ? Wheeeeen ??!1!! – it kinda put my ‘don’t know, don’t care’ attitude into sharp contrast. Seriously, some fans thought the appearance of Catrine De Mew on the Mal-Wart Halloween baggie of nothing meant that she’d be released then. And they’ve felt vaguely cheated ever since.

Me, I honestly don’t care. Maybe it wouldn’t be that way if ‘someone’ hadn’t censored my blog for ‘something’. I never did find out what the objectionable content was, much less who objected, but once I took down Scaris photos that’d been reposted elsewhere for days, everything was just fine. So I drew my own conclusions, and I’m just not interested anymore. I’d kinda like a Catrine, but I just don’t care about Skelita or Jinafire, and I seem to be the only fan that isn’t desperately coveting, and hasn’t been waiting breathlessly for weeks for the slightest hint to hit the water. Truth be told, I already have what I want. I’ve had it for years. It’s just taken me this long to figure out and enjoy it all.

That said, if they release a Slo-Moe or Heath Burns, I will be so nutz until I get one (preferably both), that it’ll make most fans look calm and reserved, and willing to wait for all the kids to get first pick.

Anyway, the big proof that I’m wanting what I got is all. this. darn. sewing ! It’s like I can’t stop. I was not even gonna sew today, but Chez Insanity was so quiet after Hubby’s drawing class, I couldn’t resist. Since making a hoodie was all-new, I went for the scrap fabric, so we’re back to the thin white stuff. Sorry ‘bout that !

I pulled up some images of hood patterns. I’d planned to use the well-worn NG Creations t-shirt pattern base, so that’s all I’d need. With the shape established, I traced Deuce’s head, thinking  that his head would be the biggest (it’s doubtful Gil would want to wear a hood over his tank), so if it fit him, it’d fit the rest of the cast. The first hood mostly fit, but was too short to add to the shirt collar. So I gathered it at the bottom edge, sewed on a scrap of ribbon, and gave it to Dearest Son – it’s now a Barbie bonnet  ! Also fits ponies with large plastic hair.

Added a half-inch and sewed it again – might work for the ghouls and guys with no or flat hair, it was still kinda snug. But I wanted to see how it’d work, so I sewed it to a shirt, and it does work for Deuce, it’s just more tight than I’d want. So I reworked it, as separate ghouls and guys versions. I already have Version 2 cut out, so wish me luck !

Thinking of replacing the Velcro ™ with zipper bits…maybe when I have an actual workable pattern, I’ll try that. I got *lots* of zippers… 

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  1. First of all, that Hoodie is flippin' awesome!!! You did a fantastic job with it! (Hoodies are on my list too...eventually!)
    And secondly I know exactly how you feel about MH right now...I just completed my collection until next year...I AM excited about both Catrine and Jinafire, but other than that...I'm good to go.

    Here's to happy days sewing! =D