Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend's work on display - more doll time to come !

Current Mood : Slow but steady recovery.

And Life returns to normal. Dearest Son is home from an extended stay at his Grandparents' - they wanted to give me another day to recover - and I actually got some sleep last night. Asthma is heck on sleep, you either have to try it sitting straight up, or you become a day sleeper. Either way, sooner or later, you're gonna slide to horizontal. Depending on how bad it is, you'll get either the rest of your rest that way, or you'll wake up in a panic a few minutes later, gasping and clawing at air, fighting to get back upright so you can breathe.

I was actually free-breathing pretty well yesterday, but night's always the worst. So it was heavenly to wake up with the alarm, instead of already being awake and staring at it. Haven't needed the inhaler at all today, although I am taking it easy. I hope to get more normal tomorrow, the kitchen's a mess !

Well, I watched several episodes of Intervention and Obsessed, and saw several other A& E exclusives, like Parking Wars and Criss Angel available on the Netflix queue, and started to wonder if Hoarders was available, too. Yes ! Turns out, I missed an episode or two, and there's a couple I can't make m'self watch again. I tell ya, a cocktail of Intervention, Obsessed, and Hoarders over the course of a long weekend will make anybody 1) clean the immediate area no matter how bad yer wheezing, and 2) start to hate humanity. So many people who cry endlessly over their situation, but won't do a blasted thing to change it, even with a cadre of professional help. My throttling hand started to itch fiercely. I have more sympathy when I just watch one episode - and one series - at a time. Doubt I'll watch Intervention again - I just have no frame of reference when it comes to drug and alcohol over-indulgence.

Another potential side effect is that, in seeing others' collections and even piles of stuff, you might realize some things about yerself. One Hoarders episode featured a family of stuffed animal fans. Bought 'em by the ton, from the looks of things. And by the show's end, most were out in a Got Junk ? truck, contaminated by bugs and other nasties. I never really thought about it before, but I've never been 'into' stuffed animals much. I have a few, but Dearest has a boxload, easily twice over what I've had my whole life. I preferred easy-to-clean dolls, even as a kid. Vinyl's easy to wipe down and brush out, because, let's face it, I hate cleaning, and yes, my room had to be clean always. It's great to have soft comforting toys, but it always drove me crazy when some of my always-limited possessions inevitably got dirty and were nearly impossible to get clean again. If there's anything I hate more than cleaning, it's throwing something I care about in the trash, so I ended up not caring about stuffies that were temporary at best. Even now, when someone kindly gives me a stuffed animal, I cringe inside and wonder if Dearest would want it. As yet unexplained is why I really have a hate-on for teddy bears. You'd think a doll hobbyist would like teddy bears, but I can't stand 'em. One day, I'll figure it out. Heck, it took me years to figure out why I don't care for stuffed animals and porcelain dolls - the next big epiphany is always right around the corner !

Never did get to 'doll redressing time' this weekend, heck, I barely ate. Just not hungry. But I'm sure to find time this week. Beloved Hubby's gonna custom-make a shelf for the Jem Rockin' Roadster this weekend - no Airsoft for two more weeks - and hang it for me. Glad I redid the doll bookcase, since I like how this looks much better. Everybody's not so crowded and tight, and I don't really like having a lot of dolls on the floor. At this point, we need as much floor space as we can find !

But it was worth the work, just to see Beloved take a spin - and a spin-out ! - on Dearest's Razor scooter through the living room tonight ! 

PS - Hi, Chelle !!


  1. I don't collect stuffed animals either, but I will gladly take them. I cut them apart and use the stuffing in other projects and faux fur can be expedience, especially when you just want to make a small jacket for a doll.

  2. havent's seen you on here in a while Dorrie. I hope you are just busy and your asthma isn't acting up again.