Friday, May 20, 2011

Seriously - the only fish I hope you'll feed are the ones that hang out in the tank at the top of this page !

Current Mood : Dizzy with little sleep.

Spent on books : $3.24

Oooh, I can't wait ! Today, Blogger informs me (along with everybody else) that they have a new app - so now, I can put down the equivalent of a tip jar, for those small 'bonus gifts' all three of ya'll are so eager to give ! Pfeh. Ya'll know how I feel about online 'buy me a coffee' opportunities - while I love to tip the pizza folks and the Chinese place, I just don't feel that anything on a free site, delivered to potentially millions of people at once, is in any way personal, and as such, deserves money from folks who are probably struggling hard. I mean, yeah, times are tough, but I can still plot and plan for the four dolls I want this year, I pretty much know I'll get them. Many folks don't get that much. Last thing I want is for anyone to deny themselves anything on my greedy account. We're friends here. I don't want money from my friends.

Heck, truth of the matter is, I do this blog for m'self, so I can still believe my opinions and views matter. Kind of a mental health thing. Ya get a bit of a swelled head in radio, and long after you lose your headphones, you're kinda still looking for a microphone. I'm honestly amazed anyone tunes in, and I'm grateful for that, always. was super-fun, in part due to the massive thunderstorm we had all last night. It started around 9pm, with wild thunder and rapid rakes of lightning, and whenever I did the 'count between lightning and thunder' trick, it was only a few seconds, at the longest. It was still frenzied when I crashed a few hours later, and it continued hours after I woke up. Despite it all, everyone in the house, including me, got a great night's sleep.

Beloved Hubby's boss declared it a wasted day around 11am, so he was home a half hour later. DC-kitty was in, and soon all my fellas were asleep. While they rested and I goofed off, it finally stopped raining. We got to go out for lunch, and a trip to the thrift - wheee ! Dearest Son soon found a small jeep and a big stuffed cat he liked, Beloved found a vintage-old olive drab uniform in his size. Looks good on him, truly. 

As for me, I had more fun looking ! I soon found a familiar doll - a Crissy ! She was in sad shape, nude, with cut hair and eye mold, but it was still nice to see one...two...huh ? Looking further in the Toys section, I found six Crissys, total - all nude, all messy, all with cut hair. I even found one I'd never seen in person before, a talking Crissy who still worked. If I paid attention, I could even understand her, although her voice seemed a bit faster than it should have been, possibly. I don't really have a reference. She said, 'Brush my hair, please' and 'I like to dress up' and I was soooo tempted... but I'd already donated mine, and found a collector who wanted her dress and shoes. And that didn't even consider the amount of work this doll would need - a full reroot, as her ponytail was gone and her foundation hair was chopped, and lengthy Oxy treatments, since Sharpie lipstick and a black slash marred her face. Very sad. Even found two smaller Velvet dolls in similar shape.

So weird. To find so many at the same time, someone obviously donated a collection - but if it was a collection, why were they all in such poor condition ? I knew I'd not put in the work it'd take to get even the best one of the Crissy cavalcade looking good again, so I didn't buy any at all. I hope someone who can will find them soon.

Otherwise, the toy section was a wash for me today. Same naked Barbies, herds of slightly stained stuffed animals, three-wheeled cars, and sad, saggy baby dolls. Nothing in Crafts or Electronics, Housewares or Handbags. Found a few books on sale - hardbacks were 50c, paperbacks a quarter. I scored softback copies of The Devil Wears Prada, Reading Lolita in Tehran, and Kurt Vonnegut's A Man Without a Country, and hardbacks of The Notebook, Once Upon A More Enlightened Time, The Nanny Diaries, The Little Giant of Aberdeen County, and Garrison Keeler's Love Me.  The cashier only charged $3. for all the books, so our total for everybody's picks was less than ten bucks. Shoot, we spent more on lunch !

Yeah, we really splashed out today ! There was a Greek restaurant Beloved and I wanted to try, and Dearest, not yet into international cuisine, preferred McNuggets, so everybody got what they wanted. We were both missing our gyro restaurant back in OldTown, but not anymore. The new place, smack in the middle of a strip mall, is heavenly ! I could kinda tell it'd be tasty by the steady stream of customers, even at 4pm. I ate darn near everything in my combo, and still had some leftovers for tomorrow's lunch. We have a new gyro place ! And Dearest can eat a 20pc box of nuggets all by himself, which is amazing to me. I feel like I got a proto-teenager on the way, and he'll be taking over our little boy soon.

After dinner, each of us split out into our own thing, so I decided to stitch up another Barbie blouse / lab jacket, using a free pattern from Andrea, known as 'Dolls Ahoy' on Flickr. You can snag the pattern and directions - and a couple more patterns - at Dolly Stitches, look for the pattern in images and the instructions in discussions. I'm hoping her qi pao blouse / mini dress will fit Princess Leia...

It's funny. This version is less an 'all in one piece version than the McCalls I tried earlier. While I had some futzing with the collar, it went in easier. I ended up having major fits with the sleeves, a problem I didn't have with Version 1, because they were 'built in' to the pattern, if that makes sense. 

Anyway, I never did get the sleeves right, but it looks OK - I'll do a side-by-side photo tomorrow, as I'm already late on this entry. One of Beloved's Airsoft friends came by, and we were still swappin' stories and bad jokes at 2am Saturday ! Gotta get some sleep. Hmf. Is it wrong to wish for a 'recharge' bed like Frankie's, just much, much bigger...?  

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  1. That's so weird about the Chrissy grouping. I went to the Antique store the other day, and I must have seen at least six Chrissy's sprinkled around when there. I also saw a pair of Velvets. Everywhere I turned her grinning face was there. Perhaps they are invading?