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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There is beauty in even the worst day, if you can still look for it...

Current Mood : Scary wheezing...

(sigh) It's days like this...

Went to call in an inhaler refill, after checking Mal-Wart's website - yup, they still carry the $9. ones. Unfortunately, the actual local pharm said the manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, just reformulated them, so she'd need to contact my doctor and make sure the new ones still fit my needs. While I'm fairly low on meds, I'm not desperate, but I'd be SOL if I was. Since it'll be tomorrow at the earliest I could get them - if said Dr. approves - it's a good thing I'm not. I have to call back to see what the final word is. $20. sez the final word is that I gotta shell $40. for one of the 'big' ones.

What scares me is, this is the third 'reformulation' I know about. What if the next version doesn't work for me, it's 2am, and I can't breathe ? It's not like you can test these things when you're not having issues, ya know. And I really want to have it taken care of before Beloved Hubby leaves for Big Event Thang sometime Friday.

So, when the tornado alarms went off late this afternoon, I kinda shrugged. With the horrible destruction in neighboring states, I knew it'd soon be our turn in the barrel. Got an online live feed off the storm center TV station, and scared m'self nearly to death. It didn't help that my lungs were reacting, too, due to the pressure systems that make up tornadoes. Knew the inhaler I had was too lean to really do much, so I made coffee and tried to stay calm. It helped that it wasn't really 'night' yet - my symptoms always get worse at night.

Seemed like the storms were aiming for places we used to live. The weather forecasters were in their element, predicting the tornado to come right up one street that intersected where we lived before we moved, a scary thing. Another started to head to where we lived when Dearest Son was a newborn. Luckily for both towns, the storms faded away before the predictions came true, but they still left a swath of destruction before they spun out. I've never understood why they send out the helicopters out to the places where there's freakin' tornadoes on the ground, but it was heartbreaking to see foundations and debris where homes used to be.

We had one stang of a storm here, even without twisters, including pea-sized hail and lots of it, and the most fierce rain I've ever seen. It was pitch black outside at 6pm, when it's usually still bright and sunny until about 8. About 7pm, the storms had passed here, and were off to make others' lives very exciting if not h#llish, and it was bright and sunny again. So weird.

About the only good thing about today was a surprise Dearest found - Tabitha sent me a package ! That's today's image - a green gown so gorgeous, it seemed like no photo I could take was good enough to share. It has the most elegant pointed waist, sleeves that enable me to choose where the lace hits the doll's arms, a flattering neckline, and a sweeping, flowing skirt. It is so beautiful...

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  1. Hey Dorrie, trying to do some catch up on doll blogs, and just read this post. I'm sorry you have to go through the trouble of your asthma and the worry over if your new meds will work. I never thought about how you can't really test them until you desperately need them. I know that has to be scary. I get scared when the acid gets so bad I feel I can't catch my breath and it happens when I get upset or scared too. Not long after my city got his by tornadoes we had another tornado threat the week after and it scared me so much I felt I couldn't breathe. So I can relate. I just wanted to send a cyber hug to you hon and I hope the medicine will still be of help to you.