Monday, May 23, 2011

Sometimes I love altering more than sewing fresh...

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Another funky day. Turns out, it's humid through 'til Wednesday, with rain expected off and on all week. Since that's one of my triggers, my chest is darn near perma-tight, and the inhalers don't really work for that. Plus, one of 'em is empty, so I've been using it as a 'fake out'. When I 'feel' I need a puff but know the meds won't really work, I take a hit on the empty cylinder. It satisfies my need for treatment without giving me speed my system doesn't need. Yes, I think in some ways, I'm mentally dependent on those darn inhalers, too, but at least I can tell when I 'need' to take a fake hit and when I truly need the medicine. Control issues, I has 'em.

I am very lucky that I'm in control (mostly) of my day - when I'm looped or wheezing badly, I can always sit down until it passes. And I've got some energy returning, so I wanted to get something done today, too. Went to post the lab jackets photo on Dolly Stitches, where I got the pattern I used on Frankie's, and saw that the talented and sharing Lucreziadelbelcoure had also stitched a few of 'em up, as shirts for the Monster High guys. Lookin' good ! Since Frankie's was simply too big - and even with the sleeves taken up twice, they were still so long, they bugged me - I decided to resew the sleeves and try it on Holt Hyde, my blue guy. Oh, yeah ! Doesn't he look great ?

At least this time, there's not a pin holding it together ! (lol) I'll sew in a snap or two, with either camouflaging buttons or brads. I actually had to look up 'Men's Shirts' on Google Images to make sure I had it the right way - I always go right-over-left, out of habit. Have to do the same thing with kimonos, to make sure they're worn correctly.  If I use some heavier fabric on the next effort, it'd make a great jacket, too.

It was funny to read Lucrezia's comments - I had a bit of trouble with the sleeves, too, and completely unaware of her efforts, did the same thing she did, sew each sleeve-to-shoulder seam in halves, from the top of the shoulder to the underarm on each side, in two steps. Trying to get it all in one go lead to puckering and fabric catching. It's not Andrea ('Dolls Ahoy')'s design or directions, or anything at all at fault, it's just the way I have to sew deep shoulder caps. Andrea did a few MH guy shirts, too, and they're fab.

With that minor alteration complete, I fell asleep in my computer chair for nearly an hour, then woke up to get some real, dreaded work done. This weekend is Beloved Hubby's Big Event Thang, so I wanted to get housework done, make good meals, and send him off happy to his much anticipated weekend of shooting, destruction, and carnage. That meant getting those blasted dishes done. Urgh. I've left 'em to sit for nearly two weeks, and we were out of plates again.

I'm still tight-chested, but as long as I had some energy and the MP3 player, a half-hour working and a half-hour resting worked well. After two hours like that, I just busted out and got the last of 'em done and the kitchen cleaned up in one steady hour. By then, Beloved was home and hungry, so I took a break, he fell asleep on the sofa, and when I woke him, his favorite dinner was ready. There's something to be said for the simple joy of a clean kitchen and a happy Hubby and Son. Especially when everyone's well-fed !  

It's still early, but I'm about ready for bed. It's been a busy day, and I got laundry tomorrow and Wednesday. Wheee. DFIL says he wants to keep Dearest Son with him during Big Event Thang, so it looks like I may have a quiet weekend all to m'self. If we can get a box of fried chicken Friday, it'll be like an early birthday !

What to sew, what to sew...

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  1. The other day when out, I saw a Timey Tell doll, and immediately knew who she was just because of you. Just wanted to share that info with you.