Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I don't get it...and I really need it !

Current Mood : Scared and worrying. 

And the hits just keep on coming. Waited for the early-morning rush to hopefully abate before I called the Mal-Wart pharmacy about my thrice-d@mned inhaler. This is the third time I've had trouble with simply getting refills for it. And it's still going. They told me our practitioner didn't call back. So I called them. Oh, they got the request yesterday, but reminded me that they have 24 to 48 hours to respond. When I told them it was for an inhaler, and I kinda needed one, they said my Dr. wasn't in, but they'd try to get someone else to approve the refill request.

Um, it's not a refill request. It's an update, not like I'm trying to scam refills without an office visit. My current 'scripts are good through June, and the inhaler had to be redone twice, so it's good at least through July if not August, since that's when it was believed solved (finally) last year. (sigh)

They called back a half hour later, saying they thought the prescription had been filled, because that's what the document W-M's pharm sent them said. I explained what little I knew, and gave them W-M's number. (sigh) Ever wonder what's really going on ? It's like I get told one thing, then another, and trying to reconcile what I was told with what the same folks told something else is like reading two different novels at once, and getting a third as a capsule review - and you were told they were all the same story.

Got a callback two hours later, my refill's been filed. No idea how much it costs or when it'll be ready, it's an entirely new brand from a different provider, Teva Respiratory. And it has the usual 'if you have heart / lung / kidney disorders, contact your physician before use' disclaimers (there's about a double-dozen more), so it was responsible of W-M to call and check. Just very frustrating when it seems like none of us had the whole story. I'll call tomorrow and verify the price and that it's ready. Kinda scared. 

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  1. I go through W-M too for my prescriptions. I haven't had any trouble with them "yet", but I'm happy to hear that them insisting on a call from the doctor was the right thing. It is frustrating that there were several stories floating around, but just keep in mind there are a buttload of people who work behind the counter and from my experience several different people who handle the phone at any one time, so that may be where things got crossed. Glad things were sorted and you'll be getting the proper medicine you need. :-)