Saturday, May 7, 2011

I still think fondly of the Lab...

Current Mood : Pretty well pleased with m'self. 

We got the best news last night - the person who kinda left us in the lurch last month made good, so we're all right. Things are still tight, and will likely remain so for some time, but we have a bit of breathing room. As usual, I was beyond upset at Persona Non Grata for doing this to us - especially Beloved Hubby ! - last month, but now I'm so happy and proud he took care of his responsibilities, I almost wanna make him cookies !

Beloved's side job postponed on him, too, so he has the whole weekend off. Not even Airsoft going on. Wanted him to get plenty of rest today, because I got a looong list of minor stuff for him to do - starting with Dearest Son's room. He's ready for a change, and wants the remote control cabinet in there now, so we'll be moving furniture around, hopefully tonight. That'll liberate a nice chunk of space in what we used to call the Playroom. I've started calling it the Studio again, since pretty much all the toys - Airsoft and RC - have moved out. It's mostly Beloved's art supplies and space, and my sewing stuff and doll clothes in there now. So, if you hear me refer to the Studio from now on, it's where the sewing stuff and doll stuff is !

It was kinda hot last night, so most of us had some trouble sleeping. It seemed silly to turn on the air conditioning when we'd had the heat on Tuesday night. So I activated all the ceiling fans, and when I woke up early, opened the doors. Much cooler outside - that dropped the inside temp five degrees in ten minutes.

While Beloved crashed for a nap, I found myself in Want. Strange, because I just got that Frankie Stein Mirror Bed last week. I knew what I really wanted - a lengthy thrift store and Target prowl - but I also knew it wasn't a good time for one yet. Beloved's hoping to keep things tight for a while longer, and maybe get my new car fixed. Remember 'Starlight', the Honda Accord ? He's hoping to have her up and running this month or next. I can put off a prowl if it means I have my own transportation soon !

Besides, while new Monster High merch images are starting to show up on eBay and on fansites, none of it's widely distributed yet. And we're often dead last on the 'new shipments' list anyway. Even if I did go prowlin', there's very little chance I'd find something. Yeah, part of me hopes, but when I really admit to 'the way things are' instead of 'what I wish', I know differently.

Still, I wanted to see all those new goodies on the slab, soon to be causing another spending and hunting frenzy. Somewhere. Just not here. When I really looked at it all, there were only a few pieces I really wanted. Deuce, from the 'Dawn of the Dance' series, and all three 'Higher Deaducation' dolls - the ones with the lockers. Sure, I'd love to have more -  namely the 'Day at the Maul' clothing set, the Hydration Station, and Ghoulia's 'DotD' or Gloom Beach doll - but I don't need six Ghoulias, three Lagoonas, and eight Frankies.

Further study of each doll I narrowed down showed there was mostly one or two pieces of each that I really wanted. The lockers, the two pair of Ghoulia's glasses, the clothes, the shoes...stuff like that. Like Lagoona's 'Mad Science' set. I loved her shoes, her little froggie 'bro', the locker, the lab coat...especially that lab coat. Hmm. What makes a thin white jacket a lab coat ? Not much, really. Lapels, pockets, maybe some embroidery. I could probably make one m'self...

Just not with the pattern Doll Shop Deluxe gave me. I programmed 'Boxy Lapel Jacket', low lapels. I still have no idea how that's supposed to go together. Maybe if I looked at my thousands of Barbie patterns, I could figure it out. Well, no. There's pieces to DSD that don't make sense...but if all I'm looking for is a loose-fit lapelled jacket, I could probably use a pattern for a button-down Barbie shirt. It'd certainly be loose-fitting. Going from Barbie sewing to MH sewing is like being used to sewing for a chopstick, but now you're gonna do the same thing for a toothpick that's nearly the same height. Lotta similarities, lots of differences. But worth a shot. Goss knows doing often defeats Want around here. If I could only figure out how to make my own potato chips and Goldfish crackers...

Didn't get a real start on it 'til after dinner, although I got it cut out and Fray Checked while Beloved napped - I'm still a total sucker for Blazing Saddles, and it showed up on the 'Goofy Comedy' scroll on Netflix today. It went OK, but that collar looks *huge* ! If you knew what a PITA it was to install (each of the six times I tried), you'd understand why I'm probably not gonna alter it much. Need to iron the lapels down, and shorten the sleeves a bit more. I'd already moved the sleeve hems up before I even cut out the pattern, but it looks like another quarter-inch should do it. A couple patch pockets would add to the verisimilitude, too - and I'd love to add an 'MH' logo to the front, but there's not much space. Maybe on a pocket... Anyway, attaching the collar was the huge hang-up, and I ended up doing what I normally do on collars - run a stitch line where the seam line goes, and clip to it, and later remove the stitch line. About two hours, start to finish. Can do better on the next one. This is altered a bit from View C, blouse, from McCall's 9605, a near vintage pattern set from 1968.

We're up early tomorrow - wanna get some groceries shopped before the crowds, so it's gonna be up-and-out-the-door morning. I'm looking forward to it ! Hope your Saturday was stellar !

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