Thursday, May 19, 2011

Provolone cheese and summer sausage on crackers is *wonderful* !

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Evidently, the e-mail spammers have realized I long ago made peace with my back fat, and have since moved on - now they think I desperately want a forklift. I didn't know my back fat problem was so pronounced...

We got a later-than-expected start to grocery shopping, but it's done. I was relieved to find no new Monster High dolls - at this point, if I'd have found Spectra, I'd have felt obligated to buy her, so many people are salivating - but they had all of the Scream uniforms, both Frankie and DracuLaura's beds, the charms and light-up pets, along with a generous display of mostly Gloom Beach and first wave 'Dawn of the Dance' dolls mixed in together with a few first-release basic dolls. Aside from the coffin / jewelry box, nothing new from last time.

Our Mal-Wart also had a full complement of Moxie Teenz, including their accessory sets. I'm sorely tempted to pick up the one with the white heeled boots, but this week, I managed to put it down. Shoot, that neon-cat roll bag I made several months ago is so full of MH shoes, I had to move the guys' footwear to another bag, and that was before I bought the lot of plastic high-heels from Dollspart. Plus, somewhere on my computer is a pattern to make faux-Ugg boots for Barbie, and I'm sure it's adaptable. I don't believe real human-scale Uggs are that difficult to make, so...

Got two PineCone surveys this week, and it's as if I'm a little kid, bouncing around bragging that I have six bucks I don't have to share with anybody. Yes, Tripod moved me to Free status on the 11th, neat as you please, so I get to keep my six bucks. I really want to spend it, though - right now ! But I calm down, and know it'll get spent soon enough, I just wanna do it wisely. With all the new stuff headin' down the pike, I don't wanna waste what I got on junk I won't care about in a week, just to have New. I can make New, anytime.

Just today, in fact, I made a new kitchen curtain. A bit too short, but I can always add a ruffle or lace later. It's basically a draw-string bag without a bottom or side seam. I like it much better than the 'Left Behind Buncha Flowers Single Cafe Curtain on The Wrong Rod' ones that were up last week ! Used fabric from the thrift shop big ole grab-bag - in fact, it's the same green I used to work up Cleo's poet's shirt a week or three back. I think it was a sheet at one point, but it's goin' fast.

It's so weird, being the fabric hoarder that I am, but often, I celebrate when I use some up. Probably because there's just sooo much of it, that even if I don't have any more of *this* green in that weight, I probably have something similar enough to work in another spot, waiting. Plus, using fabric goods up means I'll have space when I inevitably get more - another thrift-shop grab-bag, a gorgeous fat quarter, a lucky trade - so it's always good news. Now that I have the scrap storage tissue box, it all gets used up ! Always feels good to use all the buffalo. 

Slept like a rock last night. Hard to believe just nudging the bed up a few inches closer to the wall and the not-attached headboard could make such a difference. Sure, I was tired, but my chest is still tight, so I should have had problems all night. But I didn't ! So glad I finally got that done !

I may yet have Creative Friday, now that I think about it...

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  1. Just the sound of that is making my mouth water! I am holding a summer party in a few weeks and I think I will just have a lot of finger foods there for people to snack on! Would sausage and cheese on crackers be a yummy option?
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