Thursday, May 26, 2011

Say hello to my lil' friend...and go shopping with us !

Current Mood : Relief !

The Inhaler Saga continues ! Called the M-W pharm today, found out my prescription was 'on hold' for some reason, but they'd fill it within the hour and I could call back for the cost in that time. Which I did. Now, I didn't actually for one second *believe* that it'd be that easy, did I ? Turns out the inhaler they had to get authorization for on Wednesday - they're out of stock on it. So the pharmacy has to get another auth from my Dr. for a full-size $40. inhaler, instead of the 60 dose $9. one. Same medicine, just a different size container, but we're still in fax limbo.

Of course, with the pressure systems still arcing through our state, my reserve inhaler is getting pretty thin. I didn't think it'd be a problem when I called Tuesday to get another one, but now I actually need it, and we're still effing around with it. Pharmacist said she'd call the doctor personally and get it handled, but I'm really getting tired of being jerked around and I'm scared a little, too. $20. says they had the blasted inhalers in stock when this whole cluster-bomb started...

And it's not like I have nothing else to occupy my time. The eight 'big badges' we mailed off a week or so ago...never arrived. The buyer chose this morning to tell Beloved. Guess what I get to spend the rest of the day redoing ? They have to be ready when Beloved Hubby leaves for Big Event Thang tomorrow morning, to get to him in time, since it's a Big Event item. Nothing I love more than redoing something I was happy to finish nearly two weeks ago - and it's repetitive and boring, too ! I'm just glad we have enough supplies left over.

But wait - there's more ! Now I can't logon to Blogger. Keep getting returned to the same sign-in screen, and I've changed my password twice. Unfortunately, the latest one reflects my mood and is unprintable. Could sign in yesterday, wth ? Maybe if I dump my cache...

Sheesh, I know it's my turn in the Barrel of Misfortune, and really, this is Mild Frustration more than any real issues, but I'm still feeling a bit put-upon right now. Sorry I'm whining.

Okay. A couple hours have passed - Beloved was home early, and our day rapidly changed ! DFIL picked up Dearest Son while I was crashed, thank Everything Beloved was here. First time I sleep for more than a half-hour all week, and it's when Dearest is leaving !

Never did eat lunch, so I was roarin' hungry when we went to - finally ! - pick up my inhaler. As predicted, $40. for a 200-dose device, darn it. While I waited for it, Beloved wanted to check out a few things for his trip, which was fine with me, I wasn't up to a lot of his standard rapid walking ! I barely had it paid for when I was on a bench, using it. Confession Corner : My old one's been on fumes since Tuesday. I haven't been out of control, but it's scary when you know the device is nearly empty, and you're not sure when the next one will be ready - or even 'if' ! I also need to admit this - for all the negative reviews I read about ProAir, it worked darn well for me. Sure, it smells and tastes like a Primatene Mist (do they even make those anymore ?), nasty as a cat fart in the face, but wow. It really worked for me, and I didn't feel that 'medicine hitting the back of my throat' sensation. Nice.

Met up with Beloved and we did a bit of shopping. Nothing new over at Monster High central, but I'm still tempted by the Moxie Teenz shoe sets. Just not today. Found a nice keepsake box of Barbie stickers - 800 for $5. ! - that ordinarily I'd have considered a score, but I'm just not into Babs yet. They also had Cars 2 sets, which Dearest seems unexcited about, so I didn't get that one, either. Wish they'd had MH !

From there, we dropped off groceries - including some TV dinners for me during my very rare solo weekend - and headed out on a work errand of Beloved's. And we picked up a box of fried chicken on the way home. Yaaay !

And I finally got to work on those blasted badges. I swear, next time we mail anything, I don't care if it's 50c worth of used fly-paper, we're gonna use Delivery Confirmation. At least that would have told us the darn things hadn't arrived with a bit more notice. With my cat-nap sleeping this week, I was gonna be up late anyway, but there were more fun things to do, ya know ? Oh, and I can sign on to Blogger again, of course - but dumping my cache has left me with a ton of sites and no passwords. The fun never ends...

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  1. Glad it was sorted. Sorry you had to go for the more expensive one. That truly sucks. They should have knocked some off the price for you. Well at least you've got it and can relax now. And sorry about the badges not showing up. That will rank if they show up the day after the event or something. Would have been nice for them to tell you ahead of time that they didn't get them. Ok and this just hit me, you should try doing custom orders in your Etsy for patches. I think that would be interesting. Maybe not as fun as doll clothing, but it's an idea. :-)