Monday, May 9, 2011

Sweet, quiet Monday.

Current Mood : Chillaxin'

You might remember, back when I was busy with the Tripod project, that I tried to sew that lovely yoked poet's blouse - a version of the gorgeous turquoise gauze one that Tabitha (Me Love Gangrels) made me. I didn't have any of that airy fabric, so I just used some green I had sitting around, and because it was so voluminous, used a gold ribbon belt to pull it in a bit. It should have been posted the last couple days of my old blog, but since I was actively deleting all my photos in an effort to save it, I figured it'd keep 'til I got things going here. And so, now it is. Original Cleo is modeling. It came out nice, but really would look better in a lighter, thinner fabric. Made 'toreador' pants to go with it - at least, that's what Doll Shop Deluxe called that length. Leave it to me to make a fall/winter outfit when days are approaching 90 degrees on a consistent basis.

After neglecting the house for a week, then being too mentally wiped out to do much afterward, it was past time today that I got some crap done. Starting with dishes. Ya'll know I hate doing 'em, but I got in a groove and made it happen. I also reorganized a few things in the Studio, and dealt with weekend snack food trash throughout the house. It's so nice to have junk food in the house again, I didn't much mind cleaning up after it !

Not a lot else going on, though. After dinner, as evening becomes night, I'm just chillin' with my Sansa MP3 player, while my guys are watching an old Get Smart movie, The Naked Bomb. For a 1980 film, it's firmly rooted in the 70s, and its innuendo is so darn cute, Dearest Son can watch it, no problem. It's hilarious to see TWA-logo airplanes, and know that someone back then was certainly smoking on those flights ! Given the odd tangents of this movie, I'm not sure it was tobacco, though.

I really should go sew something - I still want another go at that lab coat - but I'm being lazy. It just feels good to write and relax. Hope your evening is as peaceful for you.

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  1. I like the entire outfit. The color looks nice on Cleo. I hate dishes too. Once a month is enough for me (it's my turn). It's time to get into Spring Cleaning @ my homestead..maybe during the weekend

    I can't resist coming here to feed the fishies..LOL