Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm ready for bed, too !

Current Mood : Slightly dazed, but I've nearly worked my way through the images of 2008 !

I've been testing and playing with Blogger so much, I forgot to tell ya'll - when a photo's a bit small on the entry, like today's, mouse over it. It'll be clickable if you wanna see it larger, but still small and cute if you don't. I noticed back in the original blog's early days, I mostly used small photos, and that was OK. They were big enough to see whatever I was yammering on and on about, and a larger one was usually on the site already. Kinda the same thing here. And I like not having huge photos on the blog. But if you want bigger, you can have it. It's the best of both !

You can also feed the fish ! Several sites I've seen have these, so I'm happy to have my own 'tank'. If you mouse over the tank, the fish will follow your cursor - just like real koi will follow a hand over their pond. I think they're all hoping to be fed ! Click on the tank, and small yellow pellets of chow will appear, and they sure love it !

And I forgot to list the link to the whole photo story of Frankie's new bed. ARrgh. See what mundane repetitive work does to my head ? I forget everything ! It's over here -  .

Speaking of forgotten, I passed a pleasant hour today, brushing Baby Crissy's hair, cleaning some dust and the odd spot from her arms, and changing her clothes. I know she's been in that particular baby dress for over a year now, and it was dusty and dirty. She looks so pretty again ! I also straightened out Princess Dorrie and Prince Hubby - they've fallen over several times, and their hair had become messy. Since I was over there, I also brushed up My Size Barbie Gracie and Debbie, my brunette AG Battat clone. It felt so nice to spend time with them that I'm renewing my ambition to spend at least an hour a week with dolls who don't have monster attributes. Although a few minutes several times a week is preferable.

It's a nice break from all that repetitive photo deleting - it's really draggin' me down. About ten minutes in, I forget what I'm doing and have to repeat some efforts. What's worrying is that, when I check on my current useage, far as disk space, it remains exactly the same. I don't know if they only update sporadically or if all this effort is for nothing, and I'm gonna have to ditch the original blog wholesale. Gonna do all I can to avoid it, but like Michelle said, sometimes it's good to start fresh.

And it's always easier to do that when you have friends. 

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