Wednesday, May 11, 2011

At least there were lots of new Neflix movies to watch today...

Current Mood : Wheezy

Kept putting it off, but today I had to start those Airsoft patches we've accepted the commission for - they're due Sunday. Beloved Hubby's going to a huge annual Airsoft game at the end of the month, one that's so big, people from other countries attend ! Not counties...countries ! It's all weekend long, too, so he'll be camping out. In an effort to keep some of his costs down, he's trading patches for some equipment, and another set for straight cash. In short, our approximate thousand dollar investment in Brody and all the necessary supplies will net us nearly a hundred bucks ! Seems like a drop in the bucket, but I'll take it anyway !

Did half of the equipment trade one today, and will finish it tomorrow. Then I have Friday and Saturday for the other. We haven't been paid yet, so the sooner I get it done, the better.

It actually works out - we've had thunderstorms all day, and it's really kicking my asthma up. So monitoring Brody for a while is fine, and it gives me a break from laundry where I have to sit for a bit. It doesn't give me any time for doll sewing for the rest of the week, but I already got my doll time in earlier this week.

Got a little laundry done in between embroidery runs. Still having a little trouble with the tension. The bobbin thread still occasionally shows on the front. When I discovered that I'd used 40wt thread in the bobbin, instead of the usual 70wt, I figured winding and using a couple of correct thread bobbins would fix it. Nope. It actually got worse. Not sure what to do, I'm running out of time. Thinking of doing up the last one today with black bobbin thread - 70wt, of course ! That way, if it does appear on the front, it won't be so visible. Most of the colors in this badge are dark, and a slight black edge will probably look good. Better than white does, that's fer sure !

Well, I gotta get back to it. Tonight's gonna be tough, I can already tell. Even leaning back on the sofa makes me gasp, so I'm not anticipating much sleep. At least the rain's due to move on - sunny skies and new hopes in tomorrow's forecast !

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