Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting those pesky 'been meaning to's out of the way while the moon is still gold...

Current Mood : Happy.

There's an ole saying, 'Make hay while the sun shines,' but I seem to be enjoying 'get rid of crap under a golden moon' more ! I completely busted butt today and got a lot done. Just not dishes or laundry. (grin)

There's the little cushion-lid I made for the candy jar yesterday. I still think it came out well. But I need to either change Frankie's clothes or find her some shorts ! I keep forgetting how short that 'dress' came out. Anyone interested in a tutorial ? 

Had a nice breakfast, and got to work. We have big trash pick-up this week, and we got a blue infant bathtub from somewhere - it blew up onto our curb this weekend. Since Beloved Hubby had some trash to put out, I added the tub to the pile. It's gone now. It's tempting to do some 'curb shopping' of my own, but I'm trying to keep the clutter down. Not much we need - and I doubt anyone threw any money away ! (grin)

I keep losing the pillows off the back of the bed because we never put the headboard back up - even though ours isn't a board, it's a gorgeous green metal swirl. I kinda need the pillows to keep me propped up, especially when my breathing's a bit tight, and have been meaning to move the bed a bit. I always forget, though. It's heavy ! But today I remembered, mostly because I was in there for other 'been meaning to' fun, and got it done. Hopefully I'll sleep a bit better tonight.

I also finally went through the two-foot stack of accumulated magazines, and got rid of all but six. They're bagged up in Starlight's trunk, waiting. I also redid my nightstand, which got trashed when I needed a part to something I wanted to sell on eBay. Put books away as well. Much better. Not so much junk underfoot now.

Yesterday, Beloved Hubby came home with a small fluorescent light fixture, complete with light-bulb tube. He gave it to me, saying it got ditched from a kitchen makeover, so he snagged it for me. I could put it wherever I wanted, so today, I hung it over the sink. Our kitchen has just one overhead light, and the sink and stove get pretty dim. I'd have gone for the stove, but there's no power outlet, so, if I ever get off my round butt and do dishes, I have light !

While I was over there on the stepstool toolbox, I took down the ugly cafe curtains that hung at the top of the window. These are the part that's supposed to hang from the middle to the windowsill, and I hated the print. Once they're washed, they get donated, too. They're in good shape, I just don't like 'em. Later tonight, I'll make a simple set for the upper window - I was too geared up to pick fabric this morning !

Hung a mirror in the hallway, and bagged up all the VHS tapes. (sigh) That was actually kind of sad for me. Back in the day, I'd taken quiet joy in having most of the Disney and animated movies I loved available at a moment's notice. But the combo VHS / DVD player we bought less than a year ago eats tapes no matter what we do to it, so it's time to let 'em go. I don't even know if the thrift will take them, since the VHS market is, frankly, crap, but I just couldn't make myself clear them away until today. It's not a huge issue, I have half of 'em on DVD, but when memories are involved, cleaning out is a bit tougher.

But with that done, it was easy to ditch the ten (oh, all right, twenty) VHS tapes I made of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. There was no real 'save' to these, most are 20 years old, were recorded six hours to a tape, and had degraded horribly. I kept 'em because, again, more of the memories attached than what the tapes contained - heck, they've been dragged from one end of the country and back twice ! But with Netflix, YouTube, and the Digital Archive Project, I can find most of them online in far better shape than the ones I clung to. And maybe when money is better and I'm not so addicted to dolls (laughsnort), I can actually buy a few. So those got discarded, and our poor DVD shelving doesn't look so cluttered and messy now. Heck, with the VHS tapes gone, we have room for all the DVDs - it's not like we've been buying those, either. Netflix has kept us pretty entertained these last couple of months ! Watched It Could Happen To You tonight, and UHF again today. Love it.

Goin' grocery shopping in a few minutes. Doubt I'll find anything in the Monster High section, but you know I'm gonna look ! Now, where'd I put that list....?

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