Thursday, May 12, 2011

I guess Blogger got sick about the same time I did ! Glad I feel better than it seems to...

Current Mood :  Confused - is Blogger OK ? 

*ed note * - Blogger's had some problems off and on since Wednesday - they had to remove some posts, but say they'll put 'em back up soon. That's why the Wed. entry has vanished. I got it backed up, like always. If it's not here tomorrow sometime, I'll repost then. It's not like it's a big loss - there wasn't much going on Wednesday, ya know. 

Well, my 'no sleep' prediction was accurate - seems like I'd barely lie down before I'd have the same stupid dream (something about online coloring book subscriptions, shipping things and fraud) and I'd gasp m'self awake. This happened pretty much every half hour, nearly all night long.

So I got up early, and took the meds I'd forgotten yesterday. Well, when you're already sucking down steroids to breathe, you tend to forget the other stuff. It's funny - most people on steroid therapy report rampaging hunger and insatiable appetites. Me, I can barely be motivated to eat at all, which is probably where this slight dizziness is coming from. My body is running around at 60mph due to all the 'speed' in the inhaler, my mind is under six inches of cotton. Maybe if I can pound down some buttered toast, I can get it together enough to get the day going.

That helped. The black bobbin thread on the last embroidery Airsoft patch I did last night really looked great, so the three I'm doing today will have that, too. I also have to do a test stitch-out of the second design, so I can let Beloved Hubby see where any changes need to be made, get the client's approval, and bust butt getting those done Friday and Saturday. I swear, on Sunday, I'm sitting on my butt, waiting for the wails of  'There weren't any new dolls out on Friday !' to hit the Monster High message boards.

Mattel's starting to cheese me off a bit. This coy habit of alluding to things without actually saying 'This is when these are due out' is just frustrating. Even if every mass retailer and toy store in the US has been sitting on crates of MH newness, it's doubtful tons of new merch will hit the shelves early Friday morning, which is what they're hinting at. And they never did say exactly which of the dozens of new products due out this year are included on the 'New students hit Monster High on Friday the 13th !!1!' little fan-news releases they've been pushing out.

Maybe I'm wrong and still hopped up on inhaled speed, but I still feel that Mattel could be handling and releasing their information better than they are. And yeah, I know, it's all just toys. But when it's what you've chosen to look forward to, well...sometimes I forget that.

I'm wondering what to make first, when all my obligations are out of the way...?

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