Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can't wait 'til the Tripod monkey business is over - and I am soooo close !

Current Mood : Eyestrained.

Current Image Notes : Ya can't be surrounded by images from your past and not get a bit nostalgic for a few of 'em...

Well, all the original blog photos are gone from the blog itself. I still have some 'photo not found' icons to ditch from back when I had to store the image on a photo album and post then link to the blog. Those things are a major pain to get rid of, so I'll delete them later. You know what's annoying ? Even if the image was already on Somewhere That's Green, I couldn't remote link it to appear on the blog as well. Nope. If I wanted the same image on the site and on the blog, I had to put it in two directories, and the blog one was saved in a third. And guess who's paying for all three chunks of space ? Plus, I've recently discovered that, if you posted 'ElphieBlouse.jpg' and decided it needed to be resized or something and deleted it, then posted 'ElphieBlouse2.jpg', so as not to confuse the image uploader, it'd save both. It never deleted the first one from disk space, just what the blog displayed. I'm not really surprised, it's actually to be expected, but no wonder you'd run out of space so quickly on the 'free' version.

On the original blog, I had to start a photo album - an option only available for paying members - save the image there, grab the URL and cut/paste it via the html editor. No remote linking at all, not even to other places you were paying for, like a website. It's stuff like that - and kludgy Tripod work-arounds, posting the same image numerous times and paying to store the image each time - that made me start looking around a couple weeks ago. Now I'm kinda glad we're broke, so I'm not payin' another ridiculous year of paying too much for too little space.

Today's efforts finished gutting the original blog as far down as it can be gutted and still exist. Disk space now rests at 42mb. Not bad, considering this whole business started at 153mb ! Still gotta get the combined site and original blog down to under 20mb, so tonight's your last night - if you really, really liked anything at all on Somewhere, go get it tonight, because I turn my blade on it tomorrow morning, about 8am Central time. And I don't stop until it's at 19.9mb. The earliest I can tell Tripod not to bill me, the less likely they are to do so anyway. Still, once I revert it to 'free' with Tripod and tell PayPal to cancel payments, that should do it. I'd love it if I could do that sometime tomorrow...

Beloved Hubby asked, after seeing me devote nearly all my available time to this little project, what I was gonna do when it was over. Shoot, I got a ton of photos to put up on Flickr, dresses to make and sell on Etsy, and some much-needed naps to take !

But right now, I have too many neglected dishes to catch up on. (sigh)

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  1. Well I don't know about everyone else, but I'm really glad you finally ditched Tripod. I mean, I guess it didn't really affect me that much, but it'll be so much easier to comment here. A lot of times I wanted to comment over there, but it was so kludgy.

    Anyway, glad the move has been fairly painless so far!