Tuesday, May 3, 2011

See ? I still have dolls that never had 'Monster High' embossed on their boxes ! (grin)

Current Mood : Dazed from deletions.

So far, I like Blogger ! It's been super-easy to use, and fun. Thanks for coming along !

Realized today that I made it through another month without buying any embroidery designs ! That's three months in a row, a full quarter of the year. Not too bad. I'm lucky that the one set I'd consider buying is too expensive, and nothing else has interested me in some time. And there's the whole 'no money' thing. Sometimes being broke is a great freedom. For one thing, we won't fall for any get-rich-quick schemes. We're too poor to get rich in any fashion !

It may sound petty, but since I'm not buying, I'm unsubscribing from a bunch of the embroidery design newsletters. I hardly ever read them, and feel guilty taking the freebies when I already have so much - tons of designs I'll never use. Yet my frugal (i.e., cheap and petty) nature still has me harvesting points for future use at the SiCK site, even though I got the two singles I wanted last month. At least it's not extravagant- it takes about 130 points to buy a single design most of the time, and the usual methods only yield 5 points per day.

Ya'll are gonna laugh at me, but I redid my whole desk to accommodate Frankie's mirror bed. And I still couldn't squeeze it in anywhere ! So I ended up cleaning off a nearby plastic cabinet and setting up a little display there. At least I got some of those dusty, hard-to-clean places behind my monitor cleaned up ! And the cabinet needed attention, too.

I also deleted most of 2009's blog images - still no change on the all-important disk space, and I was beginning to worry a bit. So I wrote the Tripod Club Blog, a sort of user-helping-user place, and asked where the images are actually stored, since I didn't see them anywhere in File Manager or any of my site files. Turns out they're stored under some server I've never heard of - not Tripod, not Trellix, not even Webon. Experimentally dumped a few images I knew I'd already erased off the pages, and that did it. The disk space went down almost immediately. Whew ! There for a while, I was starting to mourn the original blog, since I didn't see a way of keeping it.

And, since I'm erasing the photos in the blog editor, that means there won't be ugly, annoying little 'image not found' icons all over the place. Since it doesn't take long to delete the image from disk space, I'm gonna keep on deleting the images via blog editor, a year a day, and then dump them off the disk.

Won't you be glad when all this is over, and I go back to going on and on about the 38 new Monster High dolls being released next month ? Or soon, how the wonderful and cheap dresses I have up on Etsy aren't selling ? (grin) One way or the other, it'll be over and done with by the 10th, so it won't be much longer now ! Believe me, I'll be glad to call this finished, too.

Thought you might like to see Baby Crissy, since I talked so much about her yesterday. I love this little outfit. It came with cute little shorts to go over a diaper - her packaging proclaimed that she could wear real 9mos. baby clothes - brilliant marketing, I think ! -  but I've found clothes that fit her were marked anywhere from Newborn to 12mos. Guess babies are bigger now ! I used to have dozens of cute second-hand outfits for her, but I scaled it down when we moved. Her arm/body structure really requires a fully-open back, so it was easy to ditch the ones that were difficult to get on her. 

Baby clothes, especially shoes, are so inexpensive on the yard sale circuit that I've never made her anything but a simple nightgown - and the print was bright enough to keep an entire post-Thanksgiving feast family awake. Kinda wonder what GoodWill thought of it when they opened the donation bag. 


  1. Make sure you post a link once you start selling stuff on Etsy :D Unless you already posted it in that case I'm a dope, oh well.

  2. So glad to see your other dolls making a return to your blog Dorrie. Oh this is Michelle in case you were curious. LOL! I loved how your blog would share a lot about all your dolls. It's how I came to get Tonner doll in the first place. I used to be all about 12 inch dolls until your blog. So I hope more of your other dolls make cameos. :-) Blog is looking good! :-)