Friday, May 6, 2011

Sorting Some Stuff Out...

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Here's a laugh for Friday for ya - I can get paid to blog here ! <snort>  It's true - if I sign up for ads, and everybody clicks on 'em, I get a few pennies. Not worth it, in my opinion. People hate clicking ads, and either never do so, or never do so and feel slightly guilty about it. I unsubbed from that one guy's feed - while I occasionally got neat wallpaper and semi-usable graphics, the constant 'Buy Me A Coffee !' button on the e-mail, the one that followed your scrolling on the website, and download site one got on my nerves. I'd rather have your visits instead of coffee - hey, I can make my own coffee, burnt or otherwise ! - so unless Google suddenly orders me to do so, no ads here. And if they do order 'em, don't click on 'em ! It won't bother me any.

Tripod sent me a nice e-mail late last night, referring to my change in service, asking me to take an exit survey and such. Whew. That answered that question - and I won't be billed in a few days, I'm all done. When the survey asked why I was leaving, it was a tossup between 'found better alternatives' and 'no money', so I went with the kinder option. And I also mentioned the 'no remote linking' thing, since it really bothered me.  Would have been a bit more honest, but it was a very short survey.

Taking pictures of all the dolls has me thinking of all of them, usually at once ! It's easy to plot and plan and daydream for the Monster High crew, they're right on my desk. But all the rest aren't in my line of vision, and lately, it's been a 'if it's not right in front of me, and I don't have to deal with it, fix it, figure out how to make x of of y minus q, or cook it, it doesn't exist' kind of month so far. Even Elphie and Fiyero, who are on my desk, aren't in my immediate sweep, which is why I had to go back for their photo.

I found m'self thinking of my sole American Girl clone, a made-for-Target Battat doll I call Debbie. I had a blonde named Jenny, too, both flea market / yard sale finds, but I decided to keep just one. Honestly, I would have donated them both, but I have a ton of dollar-sale patterns for AG dolls that I wanted to use, and evidently AG clothes sell. So I kept Debbie as a model more than anything else, not out of the same sort of 'want' that shimmers around pretty much all my other dolls.

So that sort of puts Debbie in an odd position. I don't really like her that much, and don't see m'self playing with her anytime soon. She's literally a clothing model. (grin) Two or three times now, I've bought MH dolls with the express purpose of making her stay on the sewing desk for perpetual fittings, but I keep falling for them and it never happens. Yet it is happening with Debbie. It seems so weird to me, to have a doll I don't really like - her sleep-eyes are perpetually at half-mast, even when she's fully upright, her hair is very coarse, and her skin tone is an odd, muddy color, and I've never been fond of the vinyl limbs / stuffed body type dolls. Only reason she's still here is because I thought I might one day wanna make clothes to sell for her size, and may need her. And, let's face it, I really enjoyed buying all those patterns.

I thought that, maybe if I gave her a makeover tomorrow, that'd help, but when I'm truly honest with m'self, I know it won't. So I pulled out the doll pattern basket and went through it, organizing as I went. I'd bought 11 patterns for AG-size dolls, and not one of them had ever been opened. (sigh) Spread them out, and decided to keep five. Two had shoes I wanted to keep, and the rest had either techniques I wanted to try, or I thought maybe, with some alterations, the clothes could fit Timey and Dottie. Can always donate the finished items, and patterns can be rescaled or drafted all-new once I learn the techniques. The six I culled mostly repeated the outfits I kept, or don't contain much I want to try now. Two of the six, I have no idea why I bought in the first place.

Before I donate Debbie, I'll see if K, the little girl across the street, wants her - but I'll ask her parents first. Always do. Not sure what to do with the patterns I pulled, though. Since everyone who sews knows about 99c sales, it's not like these are gonna sell on eBay or anywhere. Anyone here sew for AG dolls ?

It's an odd feeling. I'm glad to finally have it resolved, and I know I'm doing the right thing for me, but I am just a bit sad to see her go. Hopefully I won't repeat this in a year, the way I did with those 'My Friend Mandy' dolls. And now, all my patterns fit *inside* the basket ! Ah, well. Truth be told, I regret spending the cash on the patterns more than I'm sad about sending Debbie along. And ya don't get nowhere with regrets - only action can get new wheels turning.

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