Sunday, May 1, 2011

A new beginning...and a new bed !

Current Mood : A bit nervous and worried.

Sorry. First new entry, and I'm already late. Don't even have an excuse, other than Beloved Hubby was home, and we spent the day together, and suddenly, it was 1am, and I was too tired to mess with anything but sleep. Told you guys I was lazy !

Beloved had Airsoft this morning, and Dearest Son was with his grandparents'. I had all morning to get soooo much done - on whatever I chose ! I could sew like a maniac monkey, or edit down the blog and get it done and ready, since target shuttering date is 06 May. So...what did I do ?

Pretty much not a darn thing. I just...couldn't make myself go in to either location. Yesterday was so tedious, I couldn't push m'self into doing it again, and my eyes already felt strained, no way was I sewing anything. So, I took today off. Didn't think about selling stuff - although one of my auctions finally has a bid ! - or sewing stuff or deleting stuff. I watched Penn & Teller Bulls#it! episodes on YouTube and Wii Netflix, then watched an episode of MST3K on Netflix.

I'd about convinced m'self to get up and do something when Beloved came back home. It'd begun to rain, and ordinarily, that wouldn't stop these Airsoft warriors ! But it was also rather cold, and while rain or cold won't stop the weapons, the combination sometimes will. So we had a late lunch together, and did a bit of shopping !

And there went the rest of my day. Not the shopping, of course - we're still broke and only went to one place, to pick up something Beloved needed for work. Still, it was Mal-Wart, so you know I was over by the Monster High display, just looking things over. Ours has TONS of Dawn of the Dance, the first three dolls, and some Gloom Beach. Of the original release, only a couple Frankies and DracuLauras remain.

Rumor has it that there'll be a big release on the 13th - yup, it's a Friday ! - so stuff will probably begin to appear soon. Not sure what, but I got to see something new to me - Frankie's mirror bed ! All the MH furniture so far does double-duty - Frankie's bed has a mirror on the underside, DLaura's coffin has a jewelry box on top, Lagoona's not-yet-released hydration station makes a neat night-light. But I'd only seen the bed and coffin online, never in stores. Our Mal-Wart had one Frankie bed...

And I got an early Mother's Day gift ! Wheeee ! Spent the rest of the day taking pictures, and I posted the whole photostory on Flickr, where I'm a Pro member now. Yeah, it drained my PayPal account, so now I *really* have to make sure I don't pony up for another month of Tripod website/blog, but that's ongoing, and I'm not gonna worry about it right now. I'm really enjoying remote linking images here !

It's kind of funny. Seeing all these old photos - as I'm deleting them, unfortunately - takes me back. Even though it was just a couple years ago, it's like it was last week and a century past. I can hardly remember having a Lab, but there it is, with a jam-packed closet and ugly blue walls. So much has happened, and there's so much changing.

Thanks for coming along. I really appreciate it. 

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