Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Sunday less busy, but just as fun !

Current Mood : Satisfied

I keep getting these stupid spam e-mails, urging me to bid goodbye forever to my back fat. Shoot, I've never been introduced to it, so I leave it alone. It doesn't bug me, I don't give it any problems. In fact, I've declared every part of me that I can't see a 'no view' zone so I don't get depressed. Those darn e-mails can sit and rotate.

Called around, found several places with the Velcro (tm) we need to finish the badges, so I texted Beloved Hubby - too bad Hancock Fabrics closes at 5pm today, and I doubt he even got the message 'til after 6. Oh, well. At least he had fun at Airsoft, and I had a busy day, too - so did Dearest Son !

Spent most of the morning cleaning up my sewing desk - Velcro bits and thread everywhere ! Bagged up the scraps and bundled up the big leftovers from this project. We still have about a half-yard of fabric and all that soft side Velcro, untouched. Gonna have to put aside a bit of space in my fabric storage for Beloved project leftovers - I know him, we'll need them, and every bit, in about six months or so.

You may remember I scored a 'Cutie' Ken Fashionista, the one with the bending wrists, shortly before Christmas. It was in the huge find at GoodWill, still in his slightly damaged box, only five bucks. I can't wait 'til Starlight's radiator is fixed, so I can go there again ! Anyway, I never really did much with him, because I hated that 'shark fin' of hair in front. While I'd seen several good boil perms that eased it down, I was leaning more towards a 'catch and release' program, donating him back to the wild ...but maybe I could body-swap with another Ken ? I like his hands and arms, even his face is good, just not his hair ! No such luck. He has a nearly entirely new-to-male-dolls head and body connection, more like Barbie's. Nothing I could trade with from what I had.

So I cut his hair. Figured that I could always donate him if I really bit the bag on it, but all I really wanted to do was trim the fin down to the same level as the rest of his hair. So I took it off, millimeter by millimeter until I thought it looked good. 'Cutie' is safe from donations - since I agree, he's a cutie now ! It actually looks better in person...

Cut doll hair is nearly as annoying as cut people hair when it gets in your clothes, so I grabbed a shower to get rid of the last of it. I wasn't in much of a mood to do much more with fashion dolls today. Grabbed an old Doll World magazine - gosh, I love those. It's a trip back in time when I find articles on saving for expensive dolls - always antique, usually over $300. - that understood saving and sacrificing for one special purchase. Today's doll magazines seem to take for granted that you have $600. rolling around in an old purse in the closet, or a credit card in your name only, your mad doll fund that no one, not even your husband knows about, waiting for some super-ultra, just-released, Dilithium Edition, True Believer Uber-Fan Only doll to come down from the Temple. When directions and patterns to create furniture and dolls and clothes were expected, not exceptional. If you saw a doll in the box, it wasn't owned, it was a promo photo from Kenner or Remco. Of course, you had to send self-addressed stamped envelopes for lists of dolls for sale, and a deposit for photos if the pickin's in your area were slim, since eBay hadn't been created yet. But sometimes I miss the 'you can't have it all, but you can usually get what you truly yearn for' attitude that you're not gonna find in FDQ. It's all about 'she who dies with the most rarest collectables wins !' ...or at least it seemed that way last time I picked one up.

In my book, either way, yer still dead, yer kids are gonna sell the lot of 'em for whatever they can get, and if you didn't enjoy every last one, you wasted more money than most ever get to spend. As you can guess, I'm not a  Haute Doll subscriber.

Eventually, I found an article on doll shoes. Hmm. Li'l Miss Makeup has a few pair that mostly fit her, but it'd been a while since I tried making some, and she has flat feet... could I make a pair from memory ? Shouldn't be too hard. Traced her foot, expanded it to an oblong oval, sketched out a potential upper, and snagged the fabric I used for her dress. I learned long ago to only cut out material for one shoe, in case the first effort is trash-can filler. Can cut a second one out later, if the test shoe is good. About 45 minutes later, I had a conundrum. The shoe fit, but needed some revisions. I could trash the solo slipper and start fresh, or I could make another one just like it, so she'd have a matching pair, then go for alterations on the next pair.

Lazy prevailed, and now Lil Louise - I think that's her name now - has a matching pair of mostly-decent flats to go with her sundress. Next one needs to have uppers widened, back centers repositioned, and the soles reshaped, but for now, she's not barefoot. And she can stand unassisted in them. So I'm happy. 

I think this evening, I'm simply gonna veg with my guys in front of something on Netflix. Hope your Sunday satisfied !

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