Friday, May 27, 2011

DracuLaura can't wait 'til Frankie sees *her* new bed !

Current Mood : What a thrilling, well-slept day ! 

Beloved Hubby left even earlier than expected today - he's driving two friends to Big Event Thang, and had made plans to meet up here around 10am. So, while I was up 'til 3am embroidering those stinkin' badges, it was OK, at least we'd get to sleep in a bit, and I was a twinge wired from the new inhaler, and would have been up that late anyway, if you want the truth about it. Slept like a warm, happy, horizontal brick for the first time all week ! So happy...

Until Beloved's phone rang. At 6:50am. Hard Luck Friend called to let us know he was about 15 minutes from our house, and forgot the exact way to it. (sigh) I'm sorry, but to me, it's kinda rude to be expected at 10am and show up at 7am. But, whatever. Bitterness does not become one. Clapped on clothes from yesterday, and went to finish up and help out. Ate a couple of the luscious strawberries we bought yesterday. They're so red and so delicious, it's like eating a flawless ruby ! I'm savoring them one berry at a time. It's better that way.

For some reason, late last night, the second badge I did glitched something fierce, and had to be cut out of Brody's feed dogs. Still not sure how it happened, I'm just lucky I caught it before he sustained damage. It could have gone so much worse. But recovery, resetting, cleaning Brody's entire bobbin race, and re-sewing that one from scratch made me run so late, I didn't sew the Velcro (tm) backing part, just got the embroidery finished on 'em while Beloved cut and Fray-Checked them. Besides, there'd be plenty of time, we'd be up early enough to get all our work done, get him packed up and fed, and still have time to wait for Beloved's friends...(sigh)

But that's about what happened anyway. While he finished getting his and Hard Luck's stuff loaded and his Diesel's back seat cleaned out (a task he'd put off ), I got the Velcro done and the badges trimmed and packed. I have to admit, the second run looked much better. I'm actually proud of these. Idly wondered if that's what happened - if our client didn't like them and wanted them redone - but Beloved said he wasn't like that, and the first run was good, too.

So he and Hard Luck were ready to go at 8:30. I'd offered to make Beloved a sewing kit, but he decided he didn't need it...until he saw that Hard Luck's uniforms completely lacked the loop Velcro (tm) for the badges he'd be getting at Big Event Thang, and also needed some minor repairs. Five minutes later, I had a repurposed Airsoft ammo bag loaded with two colors of Velcro backing, two spools of thread, a fresh pack of needles, scissors, a thimble, and the tube of Velcro glue we bought weeks ago, in a separate snack-size baggie, just in case.

Second friend was called and arrived shortly afterward, and when it was all done and said, they were on their way to the convoy at 9am. First, he had to stop for ice, and swing back for a couple things he forgot, but that just means I got more kisses. Also a surprise. Before he pulled off, he told me to check the oven. Huh ? I did - and there was DracuLarua's coffin bed ! He'd bought it while I was in line for the inhaler, stashed it in the Diesel, and hid it during the morning shuffle. He'd wanted to get me a new doll, or Lagoona's Hydration Station, but time was a bit short, he knew I didn't have this, and hoped I'd like it. I do. I have the sweetest Beloved...

I also have a box of fried chicken, three TV dinners, three kids of potato chips (with dip), two different loaves of bread, and plenty of soda. What did I want to do, now that Beloved was on his way, and Dearest was enjoying time with his grandparents ? Slept for five hours. Seriously. It's the most sleep I've had all week, and it was glorious !

Got my desk cleaned off and the blog caught up, and mostly puttered. They arrived safely, got checked in to both the motel and Big Event Thang, and the fun begins !

So tell me why I want another nap soooo bad ! Won't sleep tonight if I don't knock that off, so I pulled up Twilight Zone episodes on Netflix and set to debox and assemble DracuLaura's coffin-bed. I'd always resisted getting it before. I mean, it's pink in ways that would make Barbie murmur, "D@mn, that's pink !" to herself before looking for something more sedate in subterranean sublets, like a whiskey decanter box...

I'll write up a nice review tomorrow - this is already pretty lengthy ! Wanna take more photos, too. The short sneak-peek review is that I love it, and can't wait to share it.

Not sure what I'm gonna do with the rest of the night, or tomorrow. Thanks to the badges, I'm a bit burned out on embroidery right now, and don't know what to sew tomorrow. All else fails, I'll do some housework. I can always think of a few hundred things I'd rather do than chores ! 


  1. Glad you've been catching up on your blog and that you finally got your inhaler! I know how scary it can be. I don't have asthma but my dad does and every couple of months he has to go to the e.r. to get a shot for it. so I am happy that you are doing much better now!

    Your husband is nice to buy you the bed and then surprise you in such a fun unexpected way. The coffin bed was my favorite :)

    Hope everything is going well on your solo weekend.

  2. Aww your honey is so sweet! That litter made me AOL (aww out loud), humm wonder if I should copyright that. ;-) I hope you enjoyed and are enjoying the bed. I so want to see some photostories from you. The little ones you do are so cute, but I bet you'd be awesome at lengthier ones. Consider it? :-) And glad that hubby got to his Airsoft thing safe and sound. It stinks that his friend got there so early, but maybe it was for the best. Who knows, maybe him showing up kept you from oversleeping or something. Never know. ;-)