Monday, May 16, 2011

Is anyone else half-asleep ? Or is it just me...? (yaaawn)

Current Mood : Ready for those stinkin' badges ! 

I figured, since we'd have to work on the last of the badges tonight, I'd kinda take it easy today - and I could barely stay awake in the first place. Got a decent night's rest last night, but evidently my sleep backlog isn't caught up yet.

Found the bag of badge fabric cutaway scraps and got those sorted, and redid the still-usable stabilizer bits box. Just have to remember to dig through 'scraps' and 'tiny scaps' interfacing baggies next time I wanna embroider anything.

Decided to get an image of Lil Louise's new shoes - the ones I sewed yesterday - for today's entry, and it just seemed that she was missing something. So I made her a hair bow. It's even on one of those clip things that you have to squeeze to open. Got a bunch of those in a crafts box lot a couple years back, and kept about half. (snort) Back when I had my hair long enough for bows (just a year or so in the early 90s, it's not an optimal look for me), I never made any. It was easier to snag a couple pretty ones at Dollar Tree, all ready to go. So now, it's funny to me how easy it is to make them. Still, it always looks cute on a doll or a kid when the bow matches the dress - not so much on 30+ year olds.

Saw where a couple folks found the Monster High Lagoona's Hydration Station... aaaand it's now further down on my little hierarchy. This morning, it was still on the 'maybe' list, but it has since slipped a few notches. Oh, it's still quite nice, and if it was just handed to me, I'd be happy to own it, but...for $40. bucks, it's mostly another prop and a duplicate of a doll I already have. What I liked in the preview photos was her outfit and shoes, and her shorter-seeming hair, and all those things have changed. She also has solid grey eyes for some reason, and her makeup is darn near grey, too. I prefer my more colorful girl and her green eyes ! 

Plus, I'm already reminded, by Frankie's Mirror Bed, how soon props and big pieces get unmanageably in the way, so I think I'll give the Station a pass. Wow. This may be the first time since DracuLaura's coffin /jewelry box bed that I actively turn down owning something MH-related. And I actually wanted the Station at one point, something I can't say for DLaura's coffin.  We'll see how I do when these actually reach retail shelves, but I'm still planning on limiting this year's purchase to just four dolls, with maybe one or two others, depending.

Whoop ! Beloved Hubby's home - with two-inch-wide black Velcro (tm) ! Luckily, I made sure he had the 40% off coupon before he left this morning. Time for me to get to work. Hope your day had a bow on it ! 

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