Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finding what I've always had...

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Yesterday's quiet day eased gently into a quiet morning. FIL asked if he could pick up Dearest Son for a visit, and we agreed. So I got him ready, and puttered a bit until lunchtime. Gathered up the culled patterns - anyone interested ? They're mostly American Girl sized - and added two more, snagged at thrift stores years ago.

First up is Simplicity 7210, a popular fashion doll pattern in two sizes. Thought the one I snagged included both - for Barbie and SuperSize Barbie - but it doesn't. Just the SuperSize...well, size. Since my dolls now go from Barbie to 16-inch sizes, then on to Timey Tell and My Size Barbie, I don't have a use for it. Onto the pile.

Also seeking a new, more creative home is McCalls 4344, for a Victorian doll and some sacklike dresses with pretty enhancements. This one is annoying because it never gives the size of the included doll - you'd have to unfold the tissues and measure to know. I bought it because, heck, it was a quarter, why not ? Plus it came with some slightly stretchy lace fabric inside the envelope. I dug it out today. Looks like someone cut out two sets of...something. There's two sets of dress backs, two fronts, and four odd trapezoid shapes that don't seem to match up with anything in the pattern guide. If they were supposed to be sleeves, they were short - and nothing in this pattern is short-sleeved. I have no idea what this was going to be, but it was definitely custom work ! But I think the pattern's original owner lost interest. It happens.

In any case, two of the trapezoid-sleeve pieces made a cute skirt and tube blouse for Ghoulia, and there's plenty left ! So I tried to make another blouse, and only partially succeeded. It's the one in today's photo. I'd originally used earring hoops to secure the top around Ghoulia's neck, and that simply did not work. This fabric only has a slight stretch to it, and it slides all over the place. It even slides off itself. And the earring hoops just made it stand out and up worse. So I replaced them with ribbon. What the heck. Not sure how - or even if - I'll use the rest of this stuff.

With Dearest at his grandparents', and Beloved Hubby working a long day, I decided to take care of an issue that'd been preying on me. Ever since I took those 'don't fix anything' photos of all my dolls, it's bugged me to see them so. I've barely touched any of them since they got unpacked, and while at one point, all the Barbie-scale dolls had shoes, our little neighbor K. likes to remove one or two each visit. And half the Little Disney Princesses didn't have on any shoes at all. Need to spend a little time each week with my dolls, and no time like the present.

Decided to work from the shelves, bottom up. That meant getting the LDPs back in order. Since I don't have a lot of clothes for them, I decided to put them all back in their issue clothes - or at least something similar. I have four Belle doll dresses, two Sleeping Beauty gown/pajama sets and three Cinderella dresses, all slightly different versions of their signature movie apparel. But, two hours later, everyone had their hair brushed, shoes on, clothes updated, and had been moved around a bit. Much better. I didn't feel like I'd abandoned them anymore, and it was fun. And I had some ideas on what clothes I wanted to make for them, so I could change them into new stuff next time.

Next week - or next time I get bored - a shelf of Barbie ! It's embarrassing how long some of these dolls have been in the same clothes. And I have to go on a shoe hunt. K. never takes the shoes home, she just drops them somewhere in the living room. I've been stashing them in a jewelry armoire drawer, for safekeeping.

Beloved came home a bit earlier than expected - I was still storing doll stuff - and swept me off for Taco Bell and a quick run to a soon-to-close thrift. Amazing what you can do with three minutes. I saw a lot, but nothing I wanted. It was nice to just tour around a bit. A little sad to see dolls that were just out new for Christmas '10 sagging on the shelves, but I really shouldn't be surprised. Those Fisher-Price 'Little Mommy' dolls are annoying even brand-new.

Once home, it was dinner and Easy A, a better-than-expected movie that wasn't about high school exam cheating after all. If you get a chance to see it, do. I really liked it.

Well, it's close to bedtime, and I'm ready for it. Tomorrow's laundry day - wheee ! Got something exciting to look forward to, as well ? Hope so ! 

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  1. Hello Dorrie, my first comment on your new blog!
    I hope you like it here :)

    Went to the thrift yesterday and saw a mh frankie and thought of you haha. She had all of her clothes, shoes and things, and was still in the box but it had been torn open and both of the legs where ripped off! I wasn't sure how hard it would be to fix so I just left it behind :(

    I've been wanting to see easy A, I saw a preview the other night and it looked funny.

    Hope all is well with you and your creating :)