Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Day ! Here's a barrel of Cheese Balls !

Current Mood : Peaceful

Busy few hours. We got Dearest Son's remote control cabinet moved into his room, right where he wanted it, last night. He then decided he liked his room as-is, so we didn't need to rearrange anything, but he spent the balance of the evening redecorating and filling up his new space. I did about the same - Beloved Hubby said if I moved the lace and ribbon totes, and my plastic drawer set to the vacated space, he'd have more room by his drawing / drafting table, and that'd be great for him. Moving that stuff would also get it out from immediately behind my sewing chair. That kinda pins me in, to be honest. So I did. Now we all have more space and comfort.

I slept like a rock for the first time in weeks, and bounced up right on time this morning. Everyone grabbed a shower and we were out the door  before 8am. Our local Mal-Wart had the emptiest parking lot I've ever seen today ! Two banks of greeting cards and a double display of flowers greeted you 50 feet inside the door. And they were swarming with shoppers. Well, actually one bank of cards was thick with people - the other was completely stripped empty of everything but pink 'Mom' headers. Ah, the tenacity of the last-minute holiday shopper. It's fun to watch if you can do so from a distance.

I got wished a happy Mother's Day from the two guys that had the most to do with it - Beloved and Dearest ! - and that's all I needed. But I got some time to poke at the Monster High display (nothing new) and a huge barrel of Utz Cheese Balls, so I'm happy. We came in at 53c under our target budget, too. It's funny that we're actually spending less, but eating in more than we used to. I wonder if most families are like that these days.  

We called DMIL to wish her a happy Mom's Day, and we kinda goofed off for the rest of the day. I had a nice long nap, read numerous online articles, ate a bowl and a half of Cheese Balls and a nice enchilada TV dinner. I really enjoyed my peaceful day.

Tomorrow, I get to work on some commissioned embroidery designs for Beloved's Airsoft brigade. Yaaay, paid work ! I may actually earn the money for my 'Higher Deaducation' dolls before they're due out, which would be fine by me.

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day today - whether you are a mom, or have one in your life !

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  1. Happy Mother's Day!
    and your title made me Giggle.