Sunday, May 22, 2011

Now I'm sick of snap fasteners, too.

Current Mood : Happy, if sleepy. 

Still shaking off that tide of sleepiness. I wouldn't mind it so much, but it clouds my head, and takes whatever initiative I might've had for the day and hides it under several feet of cotton. But I was resolved to accomplish *something* today...

Decided to empty my sewing box of Barbie clothes I kept to make into Monster High clothes, and skirts I made but never put fasteners in. All hand-sewing, which is why it's been put off into a box. While Beloved Hubby napped a bit, I moved the fasteners of two Mattel-made blouses and three skirts to fit better, and sewed new seams to snug up two more skirts. Stuffed two pair of pants back in the Barbie boxes, after seeing how much work it'd take to get them to fit the girls, and knowing they were just too 'Barbie feminine' to work for the MH guys. Almost the same for two Barbie dresses - I'd end up reworking the whole dress for mixed results, and it'd probably take longer than just making a dress from current supplies. Since I'm gonna have doll time this week for at least a shelf of Barbie-size dolls, it'll be nice to have new clothes for them.

And there were four skirts I'd made that I never put snaps in, which is pretty sad. Half the time I take a photo of a new outfit I just sewed, at least part of it's being held on with pins. Like most doll folk, I prefer snap fasteners, since they look better - and all the fine, lovely vintage stuff had snaps ! - and don't snag long doll hair, but I hate sewing 'em. Sewed six total today, and four yesterday. I should make it a rule that I can't photograph it until I've completely finished it, but I know how I am. There'd be no photos ! So I either need to get quick and good with snaps, or get over using Velcro  (tm).

Sorry to keep using the same few dolls over and over - but Cleo was still on my sewing desk when I needed a fitting model, and her blouse, poorly sewn as it is, went so well with the cat's bow ! I didn't do that embroidery. It's from a kids' pair of jeans I bought years ago, at a yard sale. There's white cats with pink bows and pink cats with white bows scattered all over them. There was also a coordinating turtleneck blouse, and I bought that, too, but the cats are kinda large for sixth-scale dolls. I need to find it, just for kicks. Anyway, sewed up this skirt, cut to display the kitty embroidery to its best advantage, and never put in a snap, never took a photo of it - or at least, there's none I can find. So, now that it's finally finished, it's today's image. I do know that I sewed this back at our old place, so it really has been sitting around a while. (cringe)

Now the box is nearly empty, save for a pair of Deuce shorts, that black 'song' skirt that I'm still not sure what I wanna do with it, and a Bratz jacket with a similar uncertain fate. My fingers are a bit tender, and like Aubrey, I'm about done with sewing snaps for a while.

Watching all the old Rod Serling-era Twilight Zone episodes on Netflix. It may seem surprising, but I haven't seen that many, just most of the classics, like Living Doll, Time Enough at Last, and Eye of the Beholder. It's been really interesting, since Netflix even includes the old CBS TV logos at the end. Beloved Hubby's started watching MacGyver, which is a little confusing to Dearest Son, when we hop from one to the other. I think he expects the paper clips to have some sort of moral attached. 


  1. I hate snaps too. But my issues is I can never get them both in the same spot so there is no gap in back. I don't mind sewing them on really. Once time I sewed snaps onto 10 dresses at once and each one got two a piece. Just hate the gap I get sometimes. And my friend just got a month free of Netflix and he is watching MacGyver and he's been telling me he can't believe how awful the acting was. I told him that was the beautiful of the 80s. I told him he needed to check out Magnum P.I. some day. Classic. LOL! *sigh* I miss the 80s.

  2. And meant to say I love the skirt. Cute use of the fabric. I thought you did the cat yourself. Very cool.