Thursday, May 5, 2011

On to the next big challenge...isn't that always the way of things ?

Current Mood : Mentally and physically wiped out - but almost satisfied. 

Whew ! At 10am this morning, after a solid two hours of deleting and checking, proofreading the checked boxes before hitting that 'delete' button, then checking the File Manager total disk space totals again, I got the Tripod site and blog down to 19.8mb. They say. My calculations show 16.8mb, but whatever. I found another file where every image I ever used - even stuff I erased years ago - had been backed up, often several times over. I had a merry time dumping that stuff, lemme tell ya. And if I hadn't, I'd still be trying to figure out where all that used space was. Kinda ticks me off if you want the truth - there really was no reason for me to click on that folder, since it was labelled Webon, some aspect of Tripod I've never used. And I quit deleting once I got it under 20mb, so I'm sure there's still acres of space that's tying up for no real reason save that I'm too wiped out to go through each and every file.

Anyway. I feel sorry for Somewhere That's Green, that poor site is gutted. There's only 11 pages, and that includes the Home one. But all the tutorials were saved, and I even kept a couple smaller pages, like the Midge Factor, due to request and just plain favoritism.

Tripod was not happy with me. Hadda jump through hoops to downgrade my service, but I did it. Sorry about the ads, but somebody's payin' somewhere - and I can't anymore. Right afterward, I went to PayPal and cancelled my monthly payment agreement with Tripod as well. They have no reason to hit my account when the usual bill comes due on the 11th. They always bill ahead, so I've already paid through this current cycle. Of course, despite changing it seven or twelve times, my site still shows as 'Plus', so if it still does tomorrow, I'll call to verify. You'd think an online company would know that a client wanted to downgrade their account after clicking through all the warnings and notifications several times throughout the day...

Forgive me for this, but I'm taking the rest of the day off. I should restore all those Catwalk Kitties, Barbie, Elphie, and the other really great images to Flickr, but I'm wiped out. All the Webon files were listed as alphanumeric sequences, so I had to click on them to see what they were, and I still have numbers and random letters flashing in my eyes when I blink.

On the social side of life... yesterday, I got tagged with a challenge on Flickr. My instructions were to photograph my dolls without changing anything, hit 'em exactly as they are. No hair brushing, no clothes changed - as is, where is. Post the photo(s) and ask five friends to join in. Now, to me, tagging is like watching other kids get tossed into the pool. Yeah, it seems kind of annoying, but deep down, you kinda hope someone pushes you in, too. So I was secretly (well, maybe not so secretly now ! (grin)) pleased, and took the challenge. I did crop all of 'em, and had to move Ghoulia and GB Cleo so I didn't need five photos. And I totally forgot Elphie and Fiyero, so I took four. I felt so included, so valued, if that makes any sense. And there's one of the photos, the gang in the living room. I really need to spend more time with them. Too many dolls have been in the same clothes for *years* while I focused on the next shopping trip, the next doll, the next whatever.

Time for me to change more than site providers ! 


  1. Love your shelf of goodies. I always love looking at other people's collections of dolls.

  2. I totally agree with you about the whole tagging thing. You actually tagged me and I was so tickled pink! I felt so popular.
    And I will say that I looked over your whole collection picture, and I recognized a lot of familiar faces from reading your blog/site for so long. I will admit that I was looking to see if you still had your Bubblecut (Brenda, I believe) and got a little worried when I couldn't find her, but I breathed easier when I did. I'm weird like that.

  3. Lol, I got the same popular feeling, being tagged! Just got back from a long trip, and I'm generally slow anyway, but I'll be snapping a pic soon. And welcome to blogger! It was all bizarro-worldy to come home and see everything had changed while I was gone! Hope you like it here! :)