Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June !

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Hard to believe it's Wednesday already. Even though Beloved Hubby didn't really take Monday off, he had a short day, so it seemed like an extended weekend to me. Anyway...

Happy June ! Hard to believe it's June already, too. The local school system is moving to a year-round schedule, so the kids only have off two months this summer, and one the next. While I hated the endless summers as a kid - we lived so far out into the sticks, it was a half-hour drive to a small and crappy general store halfway to town - I kinda feel bad that they don't get much time off anymore. But heck, the kids were out of their braincases bored when we had those weeks of snow, so I figure the schools are just doin' their jobs.

One brief bit o' bad, then I'm moving as far away from it as possible - did my normal 'wake up rounds' online this morning. Nothing unusual. Read a few online comics, amass a few points at Designs By SiCK embroidery, look for new friends' photos at Flickr, check a Monster High site or two for any new news. I should have known this was coming. First MH message of the day, I kid you not : "It's June now, so Spectra BETTER be at Wal-Mart or Target today, OR ELSE !". (sigh)

Moving about four hours sleep last night, which is the most I've had in so long, I can't remember ! I only needed about four 'hits' on the inhaler all day yesterday, although admittedly, I didn't do or move much on Tuesday. Still, it's an improvement, and I'll gladly take it !

Been reading 'Thrift Store Dolls' (, and enjoying all the neat photos and brief slices of doll provenances. Makes me kinda miss my 'scoop it all up and drag boxes and bags home' yard sale and flea market Barbie days. Well, just a little. But it is nice to remember, and see someone else still getting to enjoy it all.

Couple that up with a few more episodes of Hoarders, though, and I think I was on the verge of trouble when everything hit the fan and we moved. Well, it was never as bad as what's on A&E - things were often cluttered, but the kitchen and bathrooms were never non-functional or covered in nasty, and trash may have piled up, but it was out on the curb on Trash Day - but unchecked, I could have developed behaviors very similar to what's on darn near every episode. Most of my personal junk/hoard was confined to the doll and sewing Lab, but if you knew how packed to the rafters that place was, you'd have dropped a dime to A&E on my behalf. I'm still amazed that 1) I got rid of so much when we moved and 2) I had so much to get rid of, and still have nearly 100 dolls today.

Part of me is secretly glad I don't shop like I used to - weekly flea markets and thrift store runs, and organized yard sale circuits. I already feel random twinges of guilt when I think of all I spent on stuff I don't have anymore, and don't even miss. Beloved is more philosophical about it - if I enjoyed it while I had it, then it wasn't a waste. And part of me still wants a day every week - or two - to poke around as I please, even when I know we don't have the resources yet. I'd probably be a bit more at ease if I had the mental shape to sew, but I know it's not there right now. Although I'm nearly off the inhaler, my hands still shake, and I'm still wheezing, and my mind is in a holding pattern somewhere over Dunnowhattheh#ll. I think that's near the Great Lakes - it's quite humid.

It sounds weird to say, but I'm still grateful we had a financial crisis that yanked me up by the collar before I really did some serious damage. At least now, I can look back and see things a bit more clearly than I would have otherwise. And this place is much easier to keep clean - which is a plus, since I hate cleaning ! (grin) 

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  1. Thanks for the mention in your blog. I enjoy finding the dolls and writing about them. It's my own form of therapy.