Friday, April 29, 2011

Forever learnin'...
yet another test = thanks for your patience.

Found out a few more things about Blogger - I have 1GB of photo storage here. After that, I can buy 20GB more for $5./year. Sheesh. More I learn, the more I realize that I waaaay overpaid Tripod. I was payin' $5./month for 1GB ! I was feeling a bit melancholy about letting Tripod go, but now, pffffft !

Also, when I remote link images, like Lagoona and the logo here, that doesn't count against my total storage. Really, it shouldn't, since, durrrf, the image is stored somewhere else, but after a while, you start sniffing around for the unstated limits, the hidden little 'gotcha !'. So far, I haven't found one with Blogger, but we'll see. 

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