Sunday, October 4, 2015

Whooo made this ? Me !

I can tell you, turning a soon-to-be stuffed fleece owl with a six inch wingspan and floppy feet right side out via a slit no bigger than the width of your index and middle fingertips pressed together can and will separate the determined from the dilettantes. And that was after Brody’s presser foot snagged on some wing tape and ripped the design right out of the hoop before sewing was complete. Getting a project back in the hoop exactly where it was, without jarring the design and matching it back well enough to complete it so that no one can tell it even happened is something that is generally waaaay the heck beyond my skills. 

But this little owlet has it all ! He’s stuffed with fleece and felt cut away from both stages of production, and my ladder stitch only shows a little. He’s clearly a good-luck owl, so the person he’s destined for will hopefully share in that.Machine embroidery design and tutorial by Happily Ever After !

And I have a little more confidence in my ‘Overcome’ and ‘Adapt’ abilities ! However, that was not the case when I woke up this morning. I coughed and hacked so hard, I didn’t feel right about meeting the ILs for fast-food lunch. So Dearest Son and Beloved Hubby went without me while I sipped hot chicken soup and 7-11 Pumpkin Spice coffee in bed, and read and napped. As it turned out, one of their cats had four kittens three days ago, irresistible to Dearest, so they visited at their place for a while. I can only imagine what that would have done to my respiratory system ! I did the right thing.

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  1. AWW! That owl is adorable! You'd never know he was such a pain to produce with that sweet little face.

    Ow, hope you're on the mend soon.