Friday, October 16, 2015

Welcoming Rose. . .

(sigh) Started work on cleaning up the Tolly Tots Aurora I snagged from the thrift yesterday, and wouldn’t you know it, I started to love this doll, too. Most of the blue was evidently chalk, it came off with a wet cloth. Unfortunately the little ink marks on her face didn’t come off so easily, but I sort of like them as beauty marks. But that one at the tip of her nose has got to go. Her hair is just a gorgeous spill of sunshine – wish the Animator’s doll had hair this nice. So I don’t think she’s leaving any time soon, which is good, as she’s already made friends with Snow White and Cinderelsa. Wonder if she’ll mind if I just call her ‘Rose’ ?

The designer behind the Fable-ous Finds pattern I stitched up yesterday loved my review and asked to re-post my photo of Galactic Empress Frankie on her page. And Pixie Fair gave my photo a thumbs-up. So I’m getting a little self-esteem boost, and am enjoying every second of it !

That said, I’d intended to sew this afternoon, but Beloved Hubby was home early, still ill. I sat with him, chatting, until the DTree faux-Benadryl did its job as The Zombie Maker, and by then, I had to make something for Dearest Son and I to eat. Beloved’s still asleep, I’m glad the ILs gave us eight packages of hot dogs at the start of Summer. We still have five, but it’s hard to beat hot dogs for fast eats when your kid isn’t much into any soup but Ramen.

And now I’m well on my way to zombification, and I haven’t gone near the OTC remedies. Hope I can sew soon. . .

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