Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall thoughts, like leaves, go everywhere. . .

Came to an interesting, almost important, realization this morning. Wanted to help Beloved Hubby with a side job he was finishing in the garage, so I hurried through my usual medicine regimen. The VA has me on HealthCheck, a device that monitors and sends my data - blood sugar, blood pressure, oxygen, and weight readings - to my doctors every day. It gets annoying sometimes, but it helps, so. . .  Anyway, I was actually happy about today’s weight, it was a bit lower than it had been. Until the device helpfully told me I’d gained a pound and an ounce. I started to get upset, but I decided to continue feeling positive about being X weight, instead of being upset about being X+1. In fact, if I was OK with my weight, it was entirely possible I’d eat less to maintain it, instead of stupidly rebelling and either over-eating junk or just plain eating anything not nailed down or on fire out of frustration. Which, I’m embarrassed to say, happens fairly frequently. We’ll see how that works. I’m constantly amazed at how a simple viewpoint or attitude adjustment changes my enjoyment of life.  

I also figured out – finally ! – that, instead of being vaguely upset at not being able to eat, or more often, drink, the occasional sugar-craving I get, for fear of making my readings spike and having to give m’self more shots every day, if I saw it as ‘saving’ the calories for something more enjoyable later, I wasn’t so wound up over it. And half the time, I forgot to splurge later ! Now I just have to keep the positive thoughts coming.

Liberated a couple of nice-looking screws from Beloved’s storage bins and finally got a doll case re-hung. It fell about two months ago, and I kept thinking ‘Before this month is over, I’m gonna do something about that case.‘. At least I won’t be taking that thought to 2016 with me !

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