Tuesday, October 20, 2015

It's been a while since you got a Scene From My Desk (tm) !

Got to meet Beloved Hubby’s boss this morning – we bought the truck he offered us, so he needed me to drive Emmy-car home after he affected a few minor repairs to it. Our ‘new’ truck’s actually a very nice Chevy Silverado that’s noticeably bigger than the DOA Ranger. Should have it paid off by Christmas. Yaaaay, Christmas truck ! I also got to put my neglected Notary skills to work, as Boss had also sold a motorcycle that morning, and needed one to witness the title transfer. It’s awesome to be what someone needs ! Especially after he’s done such a huge favor for us.

So I was home too late for Game Day – Dearest Son opted to stay home – but I took him cherry-picking at Local Grocer and got him a treat or two. We have to hit Mal-Wart tomorrow for his prescriptions, and he’s looking forward to that. I don’t know if it’s the confusion and rapid changes of the past few days or what, but I’m still over-tired and my mind is currently a cricket that chirped twice and fell over. I can’t focus on crap, and when I ask m’self the usual selfish question – “What do you want ?” – it’s been ‘some (expletive deleted) sleep’. In addition to loopiness, I’m also short-tempered. Whatever’s disturbing my skirts, I hope it gives up soon.

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