Saturday, October 3, 2015

Tia didn't come with her crown - so here's Tia's Tiara !

Watched Boo York, Boo York, the latest MH toy-selling movie. It’s on Netflix, if you don’t want to pay for it. I wouldn’t. It plays like an extended Jem episode, complete with Toralei as a solo Misfit, and a cameo from Draculaura’s Roadster, subbing for the Rockin’ Roadster, I’m guessing. I’m still trying to figure out how Cleo can take half the school with her (‘all the ghouls !’, as she gleefully puts it) but leave her stated best friend Ghoulia behind, with no explanation, just some flimsy sub-plot exposition. Guess she’s destined to never have more than three cartoon outfits. Yes, Ghoulia saves the day and Astranova, but Astranova thanks the Boo crew. And I have to agree with the general opinion that Deuce’s singing voice is not only cheesy, it’s jarring how different it is from his speaking voice. Bonus -  it’s funny that Nefera is animated for most of the episode with rubber-band bend marks in her hair. 

At the very end, there’s an Ever After High reference, odd after characters seem to enjoy saying ‘Night of the Comet’ over and over. Decide who ya wanna homage, Mattel ! 

There was a flea market today, but I’m still coughing and horking hard. I’ve emptied an entire box of tissues, too. I didn’t want to get too weak to drive home, so we stayed there today. Was getting a little restless after not creating anything for several days, so I pulled up a design I bought recently but never stitched, one a bit too complicated for my current mental state and let it do it’s absorbing, distracting work. While the finished tiara may not look all that involved, it really is a delicate balance of arrangement, placement, cutting, and sewing that makes it work. Plus, I straight up like it, and will be wearing it much more frequently than Tia. I’m really starting to enjoy my fold-over elastic, as headbands.It's the Princess Tiara, from Sevens Emporium, in the small  (4x4) size. I may do it in glitter vinyl next time, since this was just a trial, today I used felt - and it still looks good !

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