Monday, October 12, 2015

Better, but still a bit too big. . .

Yaaay, Dollar Tree Monday. We were out of pickles (theirs are good !) and knockoff cotton swabs, sounds  like a good reason. Plus, I wanted some cheese popcorn. Got our usual goodies, contemplated some of the just-stocked Christmas decorations, decided I’d possibly craft and embroider our own felt wreath – all they had were triangle trees and snowmen. Only thing I’m more tired of than snowmen is Minions. Oh, and the salted caramel licorice smells great, but tastes pretty bland, just so you know. 

Scored three mini-rugs ‘cause I couldn’t decide which color I wanted most. Believe it or not, I left three other colors behind. Came home with burgundy, beige, and green. They’re listed as ‘all-purpose mats’, and measure 12 by 18 inches. Good size for a dollhouse or photo.

Once home, I wanted to sew. Printed up the blouse pieces from McCalls 6317 and folded the paper around FT Frankie. Took a half-inch off the front and back, and found a narrow strip of scrap fabric, which took an inch off the bottom. While it’s hard to tell, that material has some metallic accents, amid the franticness of the print. Came out OK, if a bit baggy still. Took off another quarter inch from the front, then the back, but added a quarter-inch back to the back, at the opening. Now I have altered patterns for pants and a blouse to try out ! And I haven’t spent an extra dime yet.

I want a pickle. . .

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