Friday, October 30, 2015

Oooh, two days in a row embroidering !

Rain all day. I mean, it didn’t quit raining at all ! Beloved Hubby was home for the day, so I was off to Hancock Fabrics, stupidly not taking an umbrella, ‘cause I’d only be unsheltered for the few steps between Emmy-car and the store door under a tin awning. Stupid !

I has fleece ! All that Hancock’s had was Eye-Sear Safety Orange, but I snagged a quarter-yard of it along with variegated blue and variegated green, all so soft, you expect the pile to purr. Also some straight black out of the remnant bins, over a half yard for a bit more than I was paying for the quarter yards of colors. I also scored three yards of narrow silver iridescent trim for 78¢ and a velvety remnant with iridescent silver dots, a half yard for $1.58 – as usual, I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with it, but it was too pretty and low-priced to leave there. I’m thinking maybe more doll bean-bag chairs. If it’s stretchy enough, more doll blouses ! Used a coupon on what little wasn’t already on markdown and scored the lot for less than eight bucks, so I’m contentedly happy.

Then I got to thinking – and yes, this is where I got stupid. The Salvation Army is in the same strip, but not under awnings like Hancock’s and the other half of the strip. To get to it, I could either drive (which always seems like a waste to me) or walk past six more stores, a laundromat, and a huge grocery, all out in the rain. Of course, halfway past the grocery, it really let loose the deluge !

So, yeah, by the time I got into SallyAnn’s shelter, I looked like the loser in the “Not Hot Moms” division of a wet t-shirt contest. Or a semi-drowned rodent, your choice. The store was darn near deserted, a marked contrast to the last time I was there, during their weekly ‘Half Off Everything But Furniture’ Wednesday (aka, Looks Like A Free-For-All). They were having a ‘5 for $1.” special on VHS tapes, so I snagged two for Dearest Son to enjoy during his next visit and three I thought they’d like. Didn’t see anything for us, but I may have been distracted by all that luscious fabric I’d just bought. Wrapped the tapes up tight and headed back into the wet, rainy fury. At least I’d snagged a freebie ad paper to protect my already drenched head for the return trip.

Once in the car, my shirt was so soaked, I steamed up the car and had to drive with a window down if I wanted to see. The defrosters did what they could, but I overwhelmed them. Of course, I was right in the middle of an inexplicable traffic jam on a two-lane road, always fun when you drive a stick and you’re soaking wet. Dropped off tapes to the IL’s, told them about the sale, made arrangements for tomorrow. They wanna have Dearest Son over for a visit, which will be nice for all of us.

The fleece version of A Creative Medley’s free shirt design went very well, even with white thread in the bobbin, little showed up on top. Turning the sleeves was still a challenge, but nowhere near as much of a fight as yesterday’s felt trial. I can make the shirt a bit longer to lengthen the sleeves, but I sort of like the ¾ sleeve look.

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  1. The jack o'lantern shirt came out really cute! Have you thought about putting some knit "false sleeve" extensions on it to make a layered shirt-type look?